Monday, June 12, 2017

Lasting joy is locked up in you!

When we are out of job, it is so easy to pray, plead and promise we will do our best. No sooner does the job arrive and we begin to murmur and mismanage the opportunity like the Israelites of old. For every opportunity that comes our way, there are 1000 more qualified people. But we got it. Some boast about being the best for the job or the opportunity but aren’t there always others better?
If your job is no longer serving you the daily bread or benefit you desire, it is time to reappraise, re-evaluate and refresh. Perhaps you need to find new opportunities or challenges within the firm. Perhaps you need to become better trained to take on a bigger role. And who knows, perhaps your purpose at that place or plane is done and you need to get out before you are shown the way out.
When you get to a crossroad in your career, ask yourself, what else do I need to do to tap into the joy of employment or engagement? Remember, your job or opportunity may serve you happiness momentarily but lasting joy is locked up in you. Determine to wear a smile on your way to work. Determine to pray for your position and purpose in the company. Determine to bless God for the job you have. Determine to dress for your next job. Determine to treat people right. Determine to tap into the strength within you stored there by the Most High. Determine to seek not your own good but the good of the organisation and of your team members and lasting good will find you.
Be careful not to steal from your employer/employees and colleague. I can hear you say quickly, I don’t! But what of the time you have taken to read this outside your break time? What of the time used to browse the internet and respond to personal emails? What of that online course you are taking at work, without the knowledge of your up-line, because internet is free and readily available? What of the extended break time – breakfast in the morning, 90 minutes for lunch and just a quick grub before the end of business hours? Yet you cry foul when salary is late or cut.
I’m working on a book with a senior colleague, Employees from Heaven. It should be out by year-end. A copy will position you to be the best employee and employer.
It’s another workday, work while it is yet day for the night comes when no one can work.

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