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The Project Director of CGN grew up with a caring heart which led her to care for other children even as a child. As she grew up, she came to discover that she enjoyed working with young people. she later discovered that her work is easier by using media as a tool to reach and teach young people. According to her, "I really cannot count how many young people I have impacted but I have been privileged and blessed to work with these special gifts across continents, backgrounds and fields. One thing I have come to realise is that children regardless of class or culture have the ability to laugh and shine. We make that happen by positively shaping them through the spoken and printed words". It has been a long rough journey but Cares Global Network is standing tall and firm and have not given up the mission of mentoring and moulding lives.

Under the leadership of Omolola Omoteso Famuyiwa are the following groups within the Cares Global Network family:

Cares Global Network is a media and youth development company that is focused on educating, informing, entertaining and inspiring the young minds. We have always believed that young people can excel and we have had the privilege of watching them excel as we impact their lives with our quality services. Our tagline = impacting lives, one mind at a time. We run projects and mentoring services geared towards moulding a wholesome young person. Two new units that are presently being developed are PR-Pro (PR Consultancy Service tailored at those abroad who wish to enter the Nigerian market) and Book to Life (B2L) through which those who wish to publish their own book can be guided through the process.

Willows Magazine is a diet for every young person that was launched in 2004 as a quarterly. The first edition of Willows Magazine came to life on May 27. As corporate social responsibility, we collaborate with well meaning companies and organisations to carry out media related programmes for the benefit of young people. These programmes are highly subsidised or free based on the sponsorship we receive. Young people and schools can join the Willows Magazine Club to benefit from our programmes. Everyone can enjoy excerpts from Willows magazine via our Facebook Group. Willows Magazine is currently running a contest through which young amateur writers can win a publishing deal valued at N1000, 000. Our tagline =  nurturing young people to excel.

Willows Online is a replication of Willows Magazine, where scripts and images from past issues of Willows Magazine can be accessed. We plan to upload digital editions to this site so that young people all over the world can have access via subscription. For now it is free and accessible to Willows Magazine Club Members and to you (because you are special) via this link.

Divine Connection (DC) was borne out of the challenges experienced by men and women who are marriageable, dedicated to God's purpose but yet to connect to God's divine partner of the opposite gender. While our focal audience are Christian believers, others are welcome to join and attend events or sign up for counselling. Connecting mature singles divinely is about sharing ideas and experiences as a way of connecting all the puzzles to make the end result - marriage - not only possible but enjoyable. DC is about developing a mind that functions positively - now and then - to the glory of God. We recently began an online interactive session called DC Open House.

Divine Connection Newsletter is the publication which goes further than the host and counsellors can go. It features information that can connect mature singles to purpose and partners. We need sponsorship to make this publication regular. For now, we post excerpts from the newsletter to DC's Facebook Group. We plan to grow the newsletter into a magazine.

Ace Caterers + Tushers This is something new. An empowerment catering and usherign service tailoered at helping those we mentor to learn how to run a business, run a business and earn money. Already we received our first, second and even third orders! Ace Caterers catered for the 2nd Vanguard Newspaper Children Conference and have been contracted to cater for the third. Tushers (Treasured ushers) were on hand for Healing Hearts at RCCG Throne of Grace and were the hold of honour for the Project Director's wedding at RCCG Covenant House.

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