Sunday, May 6, 2018


First of all, let us state the facts that are important to Nigerians. In a time when we have a very sharp decline in national income, this government has been able to do much more for the Nigerian people compared to when oil prices were above $100 and yet so little was done.

We have set out a Social Investment Programme, that currently is providing, under one of the clusters, the National Homegrown School Feeding, where we are providing one free meal a day to 7.6 million pupils across 24 States in the Nation. This is at a time when the income of the country is down. The difference between us and the past administration is that we are not thieves. We are using public resources to take care of the people.

In the past, public resources were shared by a gang of looters who found protection within government, and we have given this information and the facts are out there. More such information coming.

Make a note of this, there hasn't been any serious contests of these claims for the most part.

So, we have under the Social Investment Programmes, the N-Power. This programme is designed to hire half a million otherwise unemployed Nigerian graduates, we have done 200,000 to date who are engaged in their local communities and receiving 30,000 per month stipend, 200,000 of them. They have a tablet that they can work with, which also gives them exposure and more skills.

We are doing this at a point in time when the income of this country is lower than what it was when they were stealing it. The difference between us and the other government is that we are not thieves.

Look at the micro-credit programme, where we have about 300,000 soft loans that have been written; interest free loans to artisans, market women and men, between N10,000 and N100,000 have been given to over 300,000 people and we are hoping to do a million. We are spending the resources of this country on the people of this country.

The same thing under the Conditional Cash Transfer, we have done close to almost 300,000, we are giving N5,000 every month and again, we intend to do this for one million people. All of these programmes are on, and we have giving N5000 to those deemed to be the poorest and most vulnerable.

We are spending billions of Naira on the Social Investment Programme. We have spent already, 195 billion Naira in the last 2 years and we are doing it at a time when the income of this country is declining.

What about the revitalisation of the fertiliser plants? Plants that have otherwise been moribund in Kastina, and other parts of the country, have been revived and the price of fertiliser has dropped today.

What about rice? The people in the industry, the Farmers Association, the people in the business have said that when we came in there were 5.8million farmers but today there are about 12million rice farmers.

Our rice importation is almost over. With the Anchors Borrowers Programme of this government, we have produced the highest numbers of farmer millionaires in the country. Rice farmers are beginning to be more and more prosperous and they are beginning to do more things. It is happening at a time when the resources of this country is now being focused on the people.

What about infrastructure? We have the highest spend in the history of Nigeria, about 1.3trillion in the 2017 budget that we have spent on infrastructure already. We are ensuring that at least 30% of the National income is being spent on capital expenditure. At a time when Nigeria was making more than 100 dollars per barrel on oil, they were spending less than 10%  on capital expenditure. There is a huge infrastructural deficit that we are trying to fix, we are building roads that have been in the books for years; the East West Road, the 2nd Nigeria bridge, the Lagos Ibadan express way. All of these are now alive because you have a leadership that is not corrupt.

Even in Power, our capacity to generate has now increased, it has jumped from about 4000mw to 7000mw. The average of transmitable  power is about 4000. When we came in it was about 1800, to 2000. These are verifiable facts and we are going to do much more.

And so any attempt to try to confuse Nigerians is a wasted effort, because Nigerians know exactly who to trust and who to belive. It is a shame that the PDP thinks they can fool Nigerians, it is not going to happen.
Nigerians cannot be fooled by the calculated attempt befuddle the issues,  deny and deflect the weighty allegations and the hard facts of grand corruptions and crass stealing that went on under the past administration.

We have presented credible and unassailable information and facts regarding the grand corruption that has taken place under the previous administration.

Here are a few instances, with facts established:

In a strategic alliance contract by the NNPC, three people, Jide Omokore, Kola Aluko and former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke made away with 3 billion dollars from Nigerian oil that was lifted without paying to the federal government, this is besides the fact that royalties and taxes were not paid.
There is an ongoing investigation on this matter. These are publicly known information. None of the three of them has come out to deny.

2. We all know about the about  $2.1 Billion arms equipment scandal that was investigated, it is being used in the case against the former NSA, this also happened under the previous administration.

3. We have released a number of names of people who have been found with questionable funds, allegedly looted from the public till, and some of them, in some instances have actually refunded money that they couldn’t explain where it came from. We have tons and tons of evidence of how under the previous administration grand corruption was the order of the day.

4. As a matter of fact a senior member of the Jonathan government, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has written a book that has provided even more details and insight from an insider of what was going on at the time we are talking about. It gives an insider's backing to the facts that we have presented.

Therefore, it is a show of shame to have a group of politicians trying to confuse Nigerians and trying to shift the blame. Nigerians are well aware of their antics, and Nigerians have a right to demand accountability from the government, and we will not relent until justice is gotten for the Nigerian people on this matter.

Finally, we also see the attempt to raise insinuations and innuendos and unsubstantiated claims about the administration and its leaders

What Nigerians know is that this administration has shown itself clearly to be above board, and has ensured no sacred cows at all where evidence have been tabled.

For instance, the President has fired the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation when a case was established, and an EFCC investigation is ongoing. This is also the same for the former NIA DG, who was removed and investigations are ongoing. There would be prosecutions; these are top members of the administration who have been shown the way out because of the cases established against them.

Anytime we find credible allegations against any member of government there are no sacred cows, we would do the needful, and the good things is that Nigerians are aware about the credibility of this government, the personal integrity of the President and Nigerians trust this government, and Nigerians know the difference between this government and the previous government.

This government is a government that is honest with Nigerians, it is a government that is doing more with less, at a time when we are making 60% less in oil earnings, we are actually spending more that what was spent when oil was sold for more than a $100, the best prices of oil now oscillate between $50 and $70 - but we are doing more with this.

We were able to spend about 1.3 Trillion in our last year budget on capital expenditure. This is the first time in Nigeria’s history to have that much spent. And this is happening at a time when our income has dropped.

So the PDP folks cannot fool Nigerians, they can fool themselves, but Nigerians know what the truth is, and they know who to believe.

Laolu Akande
Senior Special Assistant, Media and Publicity to the President
Office of the Vice President
6th May, 2018

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

FG Bans Production of Codeine Containing Syrups in Nigeria

The Federal Ministry of Health has directed the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) to ban with immediate effect further issuance of permits for the importation of codeine as active pharmaceutical ingredient for cough preparations.

The Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole made this known in his office in Abuja on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

He said that the directive became necessary due to the gross abuse  Codeine usage has been subjected to in the country.

In its stead, the Minister said Codeine containing cough syrups should be replaced with dextromethorphan which is less addictive.

He also directed the Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria, (PCN) and NAFDAC to supervise the recall for labelling and audit trailing of all codeine containing cough syrups in the country, while he has also banned sales of Codeine containing cough syrup without prescription across the country.

He noted that the National Agency for Food and Drug administration and Control had an emergency meeting with the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Group (PMGMAN) to inform them that there is an embargo on all new applications for registration of codeine- containing cough syrups as well as applications for renewal has been abolished.

The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) has been directed to continue enforcement activities on Pharmacies, Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendor’s Shops and outlets throughout the country. 

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control [NAFDAC] was also directed to fully carry out its functions among others: to regulate and control the manufacturing, distribution and sale of drugs, including inspection at points of entry of drugs, drug products and food for compliance with the new directive.

The Minister stated that the FMOH shall ensure collaboration among regulatory agencies namely, NAFDAC, PCN, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN), for effective implementation of extant Acts, regulations, policies and guidelines on codeine control and usage.

‘Furthermore, these agencies shall work together to increase pharmacovigilance around codeine, tramadol and other related substances of abuse,’ Adewole stated.

Already, NAFDAC has developed IEC materials that will be used in an already planned national campaign against drug abuse, an awareness programme thatincludes Young Pharmacists Group of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria. This will soon be flagged off in Kano and Lagos.

As a way of discouraging youths to shun the drugs, the Federal Government through Federal Ministry of Health shall partner with National Orientation Agency (NOA), Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Football celebrities, members of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Performing Musicians of Nigeria and other celebrities to drive national campaign against drug abuse. 

‘The FMOH shall ensure that Drug treatment intervention for victims of substances abuse shall be undertaken across the spectrum of health care delivery system in the country,’ Adewole stated.

He stated that Civil Society Organizations shall be strengthened to deliver effective sensitisation, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services. 

Recalled that in view of the serious public health concerns drugs abuse poses to Nigerians , a working group which comprised of experts from various Ministries, Agencies of Government (including regulatory agencies), Development Partners and Associations was constituted in January and tagged Codeine Control and other Related Matters Working Group (CCRWG).

The CCRWG was formally inaugurated on January 23, 2018 with clear Terms of Reference of developing key recommendations and strategies to address the menace of codeine, tramadol and other related substances in Nigeria.  

The CCRWG submitted its interim report on April 12, 2018 and recommended short-, medium- and long-term measures for implementation in a memorandum submitted to the Minister, today, 1st of May 2018.

Finally, Professor Adewole restated the commitment of FGN to ensure the full implementation of the National Drug Distribution Guideline (NDDG) by January 01, 2019 and closure of all open drug markets penultimate the implementation date of the NDDG that is, December 31, 2018. It is a public knowledge that easy access to codeine, tramadol and other substances of abuse is promoted by the chaotic drug distribution system


*Olajide Oshundun*
Assistant Director Of Information
Federal Ministry of Health
May 1, 2018

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Anne's Musings: Which Way Nigerians?

*Anne's Musing*

SAN is the story of Nigeria. 

To establish the Solidarity Action Network, we started with thousands as waka enter members. Defining membership was war; those who started and remain with us know the story. We weeded out members with poverty mentality, mudslingers, sycophants... We bade farewell to political shenanigans and those who had the effrontery to disobey rules. Those who did not help to set the agenda, tried to hijack and twist it. In fact, one member carried it beyond here to fight me somewhere else. Till now, some have not ratified their membership but when they are removed they will claim high handedness. Some are members with no iota of commitment. Pastor JT Kalejaiye is noted for saying, a committee without commitment will commit crime.

We have come to a point where we have on board folks - active and inactive, who know and understand the rules and can warn anyone who deviates. Any post outside 10PM now is not outright disobedience but mistake and we can clearly see that; those who end up being suspended take it in good faith. In our corner of the world, we enjoy the benefit of rule of law as many wives and husbands of members thank us for sending them to bed! Rule of law has created a comical angle - I had a good laugh with Mr. Obalana⁩, who earned a strike from labelling and laughing at "Lola the Tailor"! 😂😆 The laugh turned out to be on him.

It took us months of setting, sowing, pruning, nurturing to get to where we are but have we moved forward with our agenda? Have we reaped the harvest we envisaged? We have those close to the corridors of power as members, but have they impacted us beyond dropping political publicity? We have movers and shakers of timber, iroko and obeche but how well have they contributed to using our ideologies internally and externally? Change begins with me began on SAN... Ideas have flown around like leaves in summer, but how well have we implemented them?

It took us months to change the mindset of "this is just a forum and anything should go" but with dialogue + defiance of the norm, we did. We must be the only or topmost forum globally that runs strictly by the books...

Can we change Nigeria? YES WE CAN! But, can not with the present laid back attitude and disjointed agenda... Which is why SAN is big on pushing the philosophy of individualised change as a stepping stone to community change, development and nation building.

If as an individual you do not accept first school leaving certificate as the be all of education then we will work to change the national policy of admitting as presidential candidate those with "school cert attempted" qualification.

For Nigeria to change, ideologies, policies, mindset and character must change. The present narrative of mudslinging incompetent leaders must change to a narrative of pushing for integrity and good governance. Ambode would have got away with LUC and he may end up getting away with it ultimately because instead of insisting the policy goes through the right process during which strategies can be put in place to knock it out, folks are condemning the wrong process so he says, e ma binu (don't be offended), we have reduced it! Something that should have warranted impeachment, got a slap on the wrist! 🙄

I had a case in court and was vigorously arguing "pro se" against the plaintiff and plaintiff's attorney's fraudulent allegations and my consultant cautioned me to argue my own case not theirs... I developed a maxim which is working for me in many areas - Don't play their game. Play yours. Don't pray against their plans. Plan and pray for yours. Don't argue against their case. State clearly and defend yours. Face forward. Stay focused. Ariwo, na noise. 😁

Value and belief system must be re-engineered for Nigeria to change... 

I shared an idea with a media group about starting from primary schools to teach national conscientiousness, leadership and integrity. The idea was carried. This was after noisemaking about we must do something. For every idea, I do a pilot project first to test run and pass or fail forward. The problems with the mid-day meal would never have happened if the presidency listened...

For the pilot that I stubbornly organised and carried out in a SAN member's school, no SAN member came, only one media group member showed up late with his wife! 😂 But he came and brought his heart along because he had his own agenda for which I was nicely pinned down for a meeting; I had mine. They had theirs. The man travelled abroad thereafter and is back in NG. He has begun the journey for his agenda!

Hijackers of our nation have their own agenda. If all we are doing is fighting to translate or reorder that agenda, we will fight till we are exhausted. They set it, know the ropes and understand where the landmines are positioned! SAN Committee members have become lethargic, no thanks to passive members. I used to write Anne's Musings and Abike's Musings regularly but lethargy set in... A new wave of inspiration led me to this piece.

We must set our own agenda. I believe we had a forum where we used "Resetting Change" as topic... We must define and reset the kind of change we want. After all, someone defined "change" as remnant from conductors.

Are we ready to set an agenda for choosing, grilling, formatting our leaders? Are we ready to head hunt and back up such talents by pressing all the buttons to ensure they go through the necessary process for acceptance including attending the policy institute in Kuru where the northern powers send and set the agenda for those they nominate for leadership? 

How can we have untrained and unschooled leaders? Leaders must be put through test and training such that between election and inauguration, if they fail, their party can be asked to send someone else or there will be a rerun excluding that person!

When I wanted to sign on realtors, they breathed down my neck to sign online. I breathed down their necks to send me a draft after which I fend off their close marking till I have reviewed. 

They called off the hook and I had to eliminate by blocking some. On d-day, I insist on an unfilled document; from review I already know where they will hide things like "dual agency", "extension", "withdrawal" etc... There is ALWAYS something hiding somewhere and I had to make handwritten notes on the contract to clarify grey areas. 

I compel them to work with my time (often times when you work with the timing of contractors or consultants they come better prepared to swindle you). Credible politicians have been rubbished just by playing the politics of time especially with debate. If you are a morning person, a less intelligent but smart person could compel you to schedule a debate for night time. You arrive there drained and sleepy while she being a night owl will floor you by just hammering on what she knows! If you are ever forced into a night meeting and you are a morning person, make that night your morning by sleeping ahead so you wake up fresh and full of life. 

After signing, before they leave, I insist on a photographed copy so there is no drama. Between signing and presenting you the signed copy, Nollywood can sele so I make sure there is a clause that nullifies the contract if there is drama at any point. 🤣 They returned to grumble later because na checkmate! 

I learned the ropes after getting burned a few times... Every game or business has rules. Learn them. 😉 Keep the change, I shared that free of charge!

Our leaders must understand what leadership means otherwise them plus aides are merely being blown around!

Immediately after a real leader's meeting, there should be a press release with details of 5W+H.  

There is PODE which is supposed to communicate activities of our presidency. #PMB is negotiating  a $15 billion deal but his statement against the youth is trending. As Samuel Ogunjo of SAN asked, "Why is the full text of his speech not in circulation right now? Who are the PR doing damage control?"

No PR agency to the best of my knowledge. Just aides, many who cannot aid themselves! I warned till I was out of breath... You NEVER let the electorate lead the information wagon... Proactivity is the name of the 100m sport!

I coordinate PC4N, an offshoot of SAN that prays daily for Nigeria. While we have great professionals like Dr. Simbo Odunaiya⁩, a Senior Avionics Research Engineer and Prof. of Electrical Engineering who would not drop balls even in the face of double deaths in his family, we have others - ministers and ministers in the making, who would break rules with reckless abandon, ask to be reminded of schedule again and again, complain, handle prayer leadership shoddily... I had to remove an oil and gas oga who would post anything from fantasy to Fela, despite our "strictly for prayer" policy. I sent a member scheduled to pray a message to subtly let her know she was dropping balls and response was "Okay ma. Thank you." I mean you are scheduled to lead Monday to Sunday and you lead one day and take off, you are reminded on Thursday and that was her response; I was exasperated! I questioned and the reply was, "I know ma. I got lost. I am sorry." I had to ask "Got lost where?" I gave up.

What am I saying? Many of those we deem credible, lack competence. Can incompetent hands be fielded for progress? I can lament till visa is free, can I possibly change that member with that kind of response?!

In our search for political candidates, we need the right person - male or female, able or challenged, with verified capabilities. Federal character is our enemy in this regard, so our best may always play second fiddle to the best of hijackers IF we do not reset the agenda upon which Nigeria was founded. I have seen qualified, tried, trusted, worthy heads, hands, hearts and health here on SAN... So they are available in the larger society. Sadly, often times they are folks who would rather not be thrown into the sink or swim crinkum crankum of Nigeria's politics.

SAN is the story of Nigeria... Which way SAN members? Which way Nigerians?

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Bill Gates Release of Dapchi Girls’ in Nigeria. Why? By Ralitsa Bourchier

AfroEuroAsia Group Newsletter (restricted circulation).

Paris: Interview with Dominique Boursicot Intelicor Buro Chief for Françafrique on security issues in the West African sub-region. He served in different countries in Africa and lived for over 10 years in Nigeria. He speaks Yoruba and Hausa. Since his retirement he has been a security consultant to many multinational companies.

AfroEuroAsia: The big news is the release of the Dapchi girls, who do you think is the mastermind behind this kidnapping and why the release now?

Boursicot: The Nigerian government rightly determined that this was kidnapping orchestrated to discredit the government from its claim that Boko Haram has been rooted out as a terrorist force. The kidnapping was planned and carried out by a sophisticated mastermind with insider help from within the security apparatus and also from neighbouring states. What is interesting is that the release was timed to coincide with the time of the visit of Bill Gates, his billionaire friends and development partners to Nigeria. It was a quid pro quo arrangement.

AfroEuroAsia: According to reports, one of the girls Fatima Abdullahi phoned The Guardian UK to say her 16-year-old sister Fatima reported “It took us three days to get back to Dapchi,” said Fatima. “We were divided into three groups and flown in planes, and taken over rivers in boats.”

Boursicot: Yes, we know that they went from Nigeria to a neighbouring state across Lake Chad, where they were given safe passage and landing rights at a nearby airport because of the influence of the billionaire mastermind with the heads of government in that African country. We have always known that very sophisticated technology is being applied in the so-called Boko Haram insurgency and Fulani Herdsmen attacks. The type of technology being applied includes high-resolution satellite and drone imagery which provides real-time information to the terrorist operatives at any point in time. They insurgents can see the location of the Nigerian security forces and design paths to evade them along the entire journey. Where they need help they use bribery of individual high-ranking officials to achieve movement of troops from their path. To organize the use of planes and speed boats you need cooperation of neighbouring governments with an airport in the vicinity.

AfroEuroAsia: Aside from governments of USA, Russia, France and others are there private surveillance satellite and drone imagery systems?

Boursicot: There is a very highly efficient surveillance system called the Radiant Earth project. It acquires satellite, aerial and drone imagery in real-time and has focused in North-East and across Nigeria. It is owned by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in collaboration with Warren Buffet and Pierre Omidyar the founder of eBay. It is the only non-governmental system of its kind operational in the area of the North-East. The information is essential for the Boko Haram operatives to evade the Nigerian military. Publicly, Bill Gates says it is used for Polio eradication but experts think that this is just a cover-up.

AfroEuroAsia: What are the experts telling you about the Bill Gates vaccination program in Nigeria’s Northeast.

Boursicot: The virologists we have talked to here in Paris say that the polio vaccine given in Nigeria has been banned in France and most other developed countries almost 20 years ago. The weakened form of the virus is used for the vaccine, but it can get active and has led to vaccine-related paralysis of children in Nigeria, more than the wild-type virus. In France, and most other developing and developed countries the dead virus is used in the vaccine, which can never cause paralysis. It is more expensive but it is the correct vaccine to use in Nigeria.  

AfroEuroAsia: Why then does the Nigerian government not stop the use of this live-form virus vaccine?

Boursicot: I was told that, the droplet form of the vaccine into the mouth has less stringent administration and storage conditions, but is not very safe for children because of vaccine associated paralysis that we have observed in both India and Nigeria. The other issue is the so-called assistance comes at a lower cost for the government but they are unaware that the long-term costs would be much more at the risk of losing a whole generation of Nigerians. Also Bill Gates has funded research in India to add an infertility vaccine to the usual tetanus vaccine that could sterilize most Nigerians. These Nigerians would need in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures in attempts to get children, during which the network of IVF clinics in Nigeria could extract the ovarian eggs and sell it at low cost to Bill Gates biotechnology companies. I tell my Nigerian friends that we in the West see foreign aid as ‘rat poison’ you apply on fish which the rat eats and dies. We extract more from foreign aid than we give. The United States for example, get back $4 for each aid dollar given to Africa.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation use the polio vaccination as a cover-up to be involved in the North-east that allow them to undetectably deploy their terrorist operatives into the remote areas under cover. They use their crews dressed as vaccination teams to penetrate remote regions and find out things in the communities like those that sell the natural seeds and where there are military deployments not clearly identified from overhead surveillance. These locations are charted with GPS on the maps to their central command and control in Seattle Washington who can now direct the best path for attacks.

AfroEuroAsia: What do you think is the Bill Gates Strategy related to the kidnapped girls?

Boursicot: The plan is to blackmail the President Buhari government in Nigeria, because the strongest claim they have is on improved security. I am not a fan of President Buhari because I was in Nigeria during the military era, but one must say that he has shown great commitment to the security of Nigeria since he assumed office. The Dapchi girls’ abduction and the non-release of the Chibok girls discredit the government claim. Bill Gates wants to control the entire Nigerian government. He already controls the Nigerian parliamentarians especially the current leadership because of a corrupt system. Bill Gates wants the passage of laws that allow human ovarian egg trafficking to be used for embryonic stem cell research and tissue cloning. The passage of these laws on Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the Gender Equal Opportunity Bills in the Nigerian Senate was the subject of the meeting between Bill Gates and the leaders of the Senate.

AfroEuroAsia: Why is Bill Gates and the development partners so interested in Nigeria?

Boursicot:  In 2005, the G7 countries (USA, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Italy and Canada) and the world leading billionaires headed by Bill Gates at a meeting hosted by Prime Minister Tony Blair examined ways and means to achieve the setting up the New Human Industry for tissue cloning.  The cloning industry is worth over $30 trillion dollars (one-third of world economy) and the main bedrock of Western economic recovery since the West lost out to China and East Asia in the electronics industry. For the cloning industry to be successful, over 100 million ovarian eggs will be required annually to be poached from 10 million Nigerian women. These women would die from complications doctors call ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome complex. They believe that the science is too complex for the leaders and people of Nigeria to understand. Since 2006, Bill Gates got personally involved in Nigeria to setup the ways and means to achieve this goal. The main key to success as they believe is to control the agricultural sector by changing the food to genetically modified (GMO) foods by so-called biotechnology. This was the reason Bill Gates requested and got the position of Eminent Person Special Adviser on Agriculture to President Goodluck Jonathan. He appointed his protégé Dr Akinwumi Adesina as the minister for agriculture under the Goodluck administration. The one goal they had was to bring Nigeria’s agricultural sector under the full control of Monsanto owned by Bill Gates. If they control the supply of the seeds in Nigeria and across Africa, they will use it as main blackmail to compel the women to donate their ovarian eggs or starve themselves and their children. They will also use food to blackmail the African countries to agree to any conditions they bring forward. They need to strip Africa of her cultural and religious ties so that the women can freely donate their eggs and men their sperms to the stem cell industry for embryonic stem cell research. Bill Gates and his fellow billionaires have bought over 90% of the new biotechnology start-up companies working on the tissue and organ cloning technology. This means a lot of money for them. Bill Gates would become a trillionaire for the first time in human history! They setup a common fund called the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with an initial launch of $60 billion dollars. It is this fund that is tax-fee for charity to Africa that is used to support terrorism in Africa and around the world. They had to setup Islamic State (ISIS) to steal oil from the Middle East to support their cash flow, but Russia and Iran got in the way to stop them there. They know that it would not be successful without local content, so they have co-opted a few Nigerian billionaires to work with them by investing money in their ailing businesses and using them as cover to invest in key areas of the Nigerian economy they could use to undermine the government.  

AfroEuroAsia: What Sense does it make for Bill Gates to sponsor Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria?

Boursicot:  As you know Nigeria’s main agricultural region that produces 70% of the food crops is the Northeast. It was necessary to clear the natural crops and replace them with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) crops. This was achieved by targeting farmers and communities particularly those that conserve and store natural seeds for resell. They target schools for girls to give the impression that it makes good on the name Boko Haram (Western education is bad) since it will authenticate that it is by Islamic extremists. The Boko Haram is a mercenary force of hired killers paid in dollars and armed by the billionaires. Having driven the farmers to internally displaced people (IDP) camps, they come in as international donors from the G7 countries and so-called development partners to donate the GMO seeds and food. The farmers come back to be resettled and plant these GMO crops which do not replicate and the seeds must be obtained every planting season from the Western biotechnology companies like Monsanto, Cargill, Bayer etc. This is the reason why Bill Gates bought controlling shares in these companies. We have tracked his investments in these biotechnology businesses. On the Fulani Herdsmen, they rebranded the Boko Haram to Fulani Herdsmen to pursue and destroy natural cassava planted in other parts of Nigeria. Bill Gates, Dangote, and USAID developed a cattle fattening program in Chad which gives cattle to trained herders and backed by armed mercenaries. They herders clash with farmers and their armed mercenaries come to kill and destroy the farming communities. This puts the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari in a dilemma, since he cannot easily order military response to ‘kill his people’, but the real Fulani herders are actually innocent of these crimes. However, the ignorance of the government, corruption in the system and non-patriotic individuals have sabotaged every effort of the Nigerian government to respond to this crisis.

AfroEuroAsia: What do you advice the government to do?

Boursicot: To combat Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen is not just a military affair. The first thing to do is to understand and expose Bill Gates and the development partners implicated in this project. It is important that the Nigerian people head this fight by public enlightenment, so they can take back their parliament, which the present leadership is corrupt and wholly controlled by Bill Gates. They need to abolish the laws that allow GMO crops, ovarian egg trafficking and present foreign overtake of Nigerian health institutions. Bill Gates controls the government regulating agencies for biotechnology and seed council. These agencies must be overhauled. They also need to take control of the ministry of health and sanitize the apparatus in the ministry of agriculture by replacing key directors from the past administration. They must limit the World Bank’s and African Development Bank’s influence on projects and economic plans in Nigeria since both institutions are ran by Bill Gates appointees with the policy direction to undermine Nigerian economy. Most of the media in Nigeria has been bought over by the Bill Gates network, to prevent education of Nigerians on these matters both in the print and electronic media, rather they spread false propaganda about the benefits of GMO crops while silencing the immense health dangers that result from using these crops, we have rejected here in Europe. They must expose their own citizens including their billionaires partaking in the Bill Gates project, who use ‘philanthropy’ to cover the grave damage they are doing to their own motherland. They must ban the free operation of the so-called ‘development partners and some UN agencies’ who are using their aid program to assist Bill Gates to achieve these goals. This is the grand conspiracy against Africa spoken about by so many well meaning people. In the European parliament some MPs who spoke openly about this have been ostracised. If they Billionaires succeed, millions of Nigerians would die and the nation would be utterly destroyed. The African Union must cautiously relate with the EU. The free trade zone in Africa was created as a cover to allow companies like Monsanto to flood the market in Nigeria with cheap GMO crops that would finally overcome the Nigerian agroindustry and destroy the prospects of any national food security. Nigeria must resist it. They have carried out plans of coup d’etat in Nigeria to change the present government even by force to implement their policies. The Billionaires back the Boko Haram both politically and materially. I was born in Abidjan when my parents were on diplomatic mission, even though I am French, all of my life is in Africa and I feel 90% African.  We as a people with conscience will do all it takes to help Africans with information.

AfroEuroAsia: What is confusing to many people is the persistent Islamic terrorist attacks here in France and other European countries?

Boursicot: Do you ever wonder why it is that the terrorist always has the ID with them and readily to be called by name as one ‘Salim Ahmed’ or another after an attack. The terrorist is always known to the police and assessed as of ‘low risk’. This is because the terrorists are sort after, psychologically radicalized and trained by the professional network set up by the billionaires in collaboration with some within the intelligence services in Europe and America. The propaganda message is that the West is a victim of these Islamic terrorist attacks and not perpetrators. Its casualties are well selected to make big headlines but the number of victims in a year are not up to one car bomb in Iraq.  It is designed to shock the consciousness of people of the Western countries to hate all that is Islamic and covered by the international news networks owned by the billionaires continuously. It is a blackmail of the Islamic religion so as to divert attention of the Western people from the real criminals who are the billionaire sponsors and some people in the Western governments.

AfroEuroAsia: Lets go back to Nigeria. The American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was on an originally unscheduled visit to Nigeria and while boarding the flight to return to the USA, he was fired by President Trump. Could this be connected to the issues we are discussing?

Boursicot: I think so. Bill Gates during the Obama administrations created a USAID that was an extension of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. USAID is the United States Agency for International Development under the US State department and has been at the forefront of undermining the African governments. President Trump wants to regain USAID as a truly American government agency and not a Bill Gates affiliate. On the other hand there were issues related to deployment of American warships to Nigeria that could be connected to a planned coup d’etat without the consent of President Trump. The secretary had to go because he was perceived as not working in-line with what Trump wants to achieve in his Africa policy. Africa is the key battle ground between Bill Gates with his EU associates, Trump and his conservative alliance and China economic expansion plan.

AfroEuroAsia: Finally, what does the future hold for Nigeria and Africa in regard to this?

Boursicot: I am sure we will finally expose Bill Gates and some of our Western leaders on this inhumane project. We met in Istanbul as a group of international jurists and will continue to pursue the matter and bring international indictments against these leaders in the near future. However, Africa needs to stand up for her interests in a patriotic manner. Their main obstacle is corruption and naivety which does not allow the government to see the dangers they face as a people.  

AfroEuroAsia: Thank you.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Landmark Commissioning by Prof. Oluyemi Osinbajo




*Calls for speedy completion while offering FG’s full support

“The development of this deep sea port is mission critical to the achievement of the important objective of creating Special Economic Zones.  

“It is the commitment of our economic philosophy to private sector leadership of our economic development efforts.

"Be assured that the Federal Government and the Lagos State government, will be with you (on this project) every step of the way to ensure that we give all the support required.”  



I am delighted to be here this morning for the flag-off of the Lekki Deep Sea Port Project. 

This is a landmark project  for several crucial reasons and the first is that the promoters of this project are targeting about 1.5 million, Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) container capacity annually, which they expect to grow to about 2.7 million and 4.5 million TEUs when the project operations commences. 

With this fit, Lekki port will become one of the largest deep water ports in our region, and serve as a hub for port operations in the whole of West Africa. There is no question at all that the project will be the sort of project that the promoters have said that it will be, and with all of the plans that they have for developing it, we expect that it will be the largest in Africa.

It is expected that the project construction, once completed, will influence the generation of up to about 170,000 direct and indirect new jobs in the economy. 

The promoters, I am told, also plan to dredge the port channel to about 16 meters draught, which is not currently obtainable in any sea port in the country. This, in itself, is an indication that ships of larger sizes, I'm told, very large crude carriers, will visit the port and greater efficiency and economy of scale will generate significant revenues for the Nigerian economy, with government earning a significant portion of it.

The second reason why this, for us, is a landmark event is, with respect to our Economic Recovery and Growth Plan, its emphasis on supporting game-changing infrastructure projects directed at making major impact on trade and  commerce. 

In the past two budgets, we have provided an aggregate of about N90 billion for the development of Special Economic Zones. We are developing the Lekki Special Economic Zones as a model Special Economic Zone specifically targeting exports. The development of this deep sea port is mission critical to the achievement of the important objective of creating these Special Economic Zones.  

So, the third reason is the commitment of our economic philosophy to private sector leadership of our economic development efforts. This project is essentially private sector driven. The Toleram group and China Harbour are, of course, the lead private sector participants in this project. And as you have heard, their commitment to this project is total and we have seen the different scenarios of this project, they have driven it to this point with great tenacity and I must commend and congratulate them.

The Nigerian Ports Authority and Lagos State Government are the public sector partners in this project. The business of government is to contribute by way of equity where necessary, to projects of this size, but more importantly to create the enabling environment for the private sector to do business. 

While commending all the parties to this landmark project, I want to commend very specially the Honourable Minister of Transportation, whose zeal has continued to drive this project; he keeps talking about it all the time. In the cabinet he talks about it all the time, so I want to commend him for the way he has pushed this project.

Let me say that we must move ahead to ensure the speedy completion of this project. There will be problems as I am sure you have experienced some, but be assured that the Federal Government and the Lagos State government, will be with you every step of the way to ensure that we give all the support required.  

Let me, therefore, on this note, before we get to the cutting of ribbons once again congratulate everyone involved in this project.

God Bless you.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Iseoluwa Omolaja Abiodun-Johnson, ACIArb, LL.B (O.A.U), BL. Born on 12th October, 1964 as “Tunde Omolaja Ogun”. He changed his name to “Iseoluwa Omolaja Abiodun-Johnson” in 2004.

You will need a lawyer as my public outcry gets attention so I suggest you get one.

Yesterday, my Dad called to say a lawyer called to harass him about delivering a letter to him at his residence...

Remembering your THREATS during the ongoing police investigation at Area F Command on your criminal activities in relation to conniving with Adeleke Omoteso and his wife to obtain original death certificate (image below) with which your law firm forged letters affirming Adeleke Omoteso as administrator and filed letters of administration as confirmed by the Lagos State Judiciary in a widow's assumed name and used this application to obtain a bank certificate and with this proceeded to GTBank to gain access as administrator to the deceased account, I immediately knew this unwelcome call emanated from you or your office.

But for the fact that he was not at home, he may have been DECEIVED to accept service for a document that is NOT for him and most likely legal.

Let me make it CLEAR that my father (a former Police Officer) and I, have different phone numbers; the numbers are not similar in any way as to make you or your emissary call him in error or assume that to be my number. I am an ADULT and I stopped residing with my father after my NYSC in 1998 (about twenty years ago). Adeleke Omoteso visited my residence with his family before my marriage. I do not reside with my father and my father has no power of attorney to act on my behalf in ANY MATTER WHATSOEVER. 

I ask you in VERY STRONG TERMS to DESIST from contacting him virtually or physically. Any such call to his phone OR visit to his residence would be taken as an abuse, harassment, misplaced aggression and threat to his life for which further criminal petitions will be filed against you and your cronies. 

I am aware that my going public has created a welcome ripple effect as folks who have hitherto remained silent or were unaware of you and your cronies' criminal activities have contacted me. I do hope those who are your clients will also read the story so they can make an informed decision about retaining your services.

Going public became my ONLY means of forcing the hands of JUSTICE to stop the MADNESS that has gone on for over two years and has continued to threaten to engulf me.

No matter how you tilt the issues at hand, using a death certificate obtained by a person who had NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to do so and the same document being used to file for letters of administration in an assumed name of the wife of a deceased person without informing her, seeking her consent or receiving a letter of authority from her and going further to obtain a bank certificate in the said name is CRIME. One that a lawyer with the claim you make to gazillion years of practicing law should NEVER have been embroiled in. If you bribe everyone on earth, GOD MY ADVOCATE cannot be bribed and He has began to JUDGE. If you still have a conscience, come clean and back off.

For every WORD I have online, I have proof; the strongest one being the death certificate collected by Olubunmi Omoteso who is neither wife nor sister to the deceased. To have impersonated or usurped such a role and remain quiet about doing so and worse still withhold the document and not give it to the wife of the deceased make her a CRIMINAL or an accomplice or accessory to crime. You were physically present when I confronted Adeleke Omoteso who responded vocally in a way that affirms his diabolism. If you have issues about anything I have online, you are welcome to add your comments to my posts and I will respond. Otherwise, instead of trying to deceive an elderly man to believe you have a letter for him that he is not in anyway connected to, legally follow due process to serve me. I have exercised my human right; freedom of opinion and freedom to petition.

Here is the direct link in case your call to my father is based on hearsay

Even in the settlement I was forced into at the Bergen County Surrogate's Court and for which you joined Adeleke Omoteso to put me under duress, Adeleke Omoteso has perpetrated FRAUD by not following the Case Management Order which clearly states that settlement will be deemed complete after BOTH parties write down terms and BOTH sign before the end of the settlement. You were there, was that done? Ask him for the Case Management Order to verify terms under which settlement is deemed complete.

I am sick of going to court or making rounds to the police station for a case rooted in FRAUD! I will no longer be a party to the cycle of ill-will and code of silence in hope that mediation will be done by those who have attempted to bring you and your cronies into equity with clean hands... 

I have paused multiplying the posts just to allow credible minds, just getting wind of the matter, to attempt a mediation. But no mediation would be deemed fair and complete until the original death certificate, original autopsy result, American passport and other legal documents withheld by Adeleke Omoteso is returned to the wife of the deceased, the application for letters of administration formally withdrawn, the bank certificate obtained in my name without my knowledge tendered to the Lagos High Court to be rendered null and void and the money drawn from the deceased's account is returned. Any fair mediation must also include a letter to all concerned including the Bergen Surrogate's Court to withdraw every lie formerly delivered in form of correspondence by you and Adeleke Omoteso or his attorney in the USA withdrawing the lawsuit which is based on impersonation and fraud. 

Perhaps you do not understand that applying for letters of administration in my assumed name and obtaining a bank certificate in that name and going to the USA to claim Adeleke Omoteso by virtue of that fraudulent application is an administrator of the Bola Omoteso Estate is IMPERSONATION and FRAUD geared towards obtaining FINANCIAL ADVANTAGE which is FINANCIAL CRIME. 

God has led me and granted me the strength to bring the world into this matter which has gone on for two years. My work includes advocating for others; no woman would have suffered such fraud for three months under my watch yet because my husband's family was involved, I prayed and waited for sense to prevail for two years. In his moment of grave grief, even JESUS, whom you claim to know and serve, cried out so loud that the veil of secrecy was torn to lay totally bare the truth of free worship.

By going public, the hold of silence is broken and I am glad credible minds are NOW interested in putting a STOP to the MADNESS. Yes, it is INSANITY for a brother to file a lawsuit against someone he claims to have a blood relationship with, all in a bid to gain financial advantage.

Your Lawsmiths company letterhead was used to file the application after which you also wrote to the USA to present Adeleke Omoteso as administrator. When you realised he could not be recognised as one without the consent of the wife of the deceased, you went further to request for information about how he could become an ancillary administrator! Did you not write? Ki lo to yen! Was I informed? Who does that without the consent of a legal wife? Who appointed Adeleke Omoteso as administrator? Does your legal tentacle stretch to usurp such legal boundaries? At what meeting were you chosen to hold brief for me without my consent.

When you attempted to seek refund for my husband's unused return ticket, you copied Temi who was singing with angels but did not mention it to me or copy me. Who were you deceiving? You had no idea I had access to his email. I promptly reached you but you abused me and put a clause that you owe me an apology if I have been made legal administrator. After I made you understand I was indeed the legal administrator and do NOT give you permission to act on my behalf or for Temi, your PRIDE could not lead you to apologise. I became a legal administrator in April 2016 whereas your fraudulent application in Lagos State Judiciary has been stopped after myself and my lawyer entered a caveat. Yet, you did not give up...

After you met with me in the USA (unknown to me without Adeleke Omoteso's consent) you said to me that now that you have met me, you do realise that what has been said about me was FALSE. You personally apologised to me in America for filing for letters of administration in Nigeria in my name without my knowledge, consent and authority. You said you believed what sister told you hence filing an application for probate without my knowledge. I there and then told you that apology was not sufficient. The entire falsehood and fraud rests on your connivance. As a lawyer, how could you believe without confirming when I was physically present in Nigeria and reachable by phone. You thereafter had the audacity to query me for not changing my last name legally. Wetin concern you? How is this your personal problem?! 

Let your conscience lead you to come clean.

Indeed you must have been shocked when I walked into your covert meeting with the Assistant Crime Officer Martha in February 2018 after being directed by the Holy Spirit to come there. For all meetings before then, I was invited but you were there ALONE to arm twist the Police as was made clear to me but what you demanded was denied you. This incidence of me walking in should tell you I have GOD and He rules in the affairs of mortals!

All you have done plus attempting to pervert JUSTICE are punishable CRIMES. In a sane country, where the rule of law is respected, you and the other two will be in jail licking the wounds of your own making. 

I am a Christian and you or them being punished will serve a note of warning, to others perpetrating widow abuse, that this is INHUMAN and INHUMANE and must STOP. But, punishing you is NOT my goal. Punishing you will not bring back Temi. Punishing you will not win back two years plus that this madness has wasted... My goal is to get JUSTICE for Temi and I, and for thousands of women who may have suffered similar ill-will by people and agencies that should have protected them.

You, Adeleke Omoteso and Olubunmi Omoteso who collected the deceased's death certificate without informing me or without collecting a letter of authority from me and have withheld the death certificate TILL DATE, seems to have bribed or cornered EVERYONE. 

Yes, I have no moral deficiency to bribe anyone or money to bring a legal suit against you and others (it would even be a waste of time since you have so far literally got away with murder) BUT as a JOURNALIST, I will continue to use my "pen" on "public walls" and co-opt my colleagues and mentees to #DemandandINSIST on JUSTICE. 

The LORD is my ROCK, and my FORTRESS, and my DELIVERER; my GOD, my STRENGTH, in whom I will trust; my BUCKLER, and the HORN of my SALVATION, and my HIGH TOWER. ~ Psalm 18:2 

I warn you AGAIN to leave my elderly father out of this, he is still mourning the loss of his son-in-law.