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Nigerian and USA Attorneys Swindle Widow of Estate Valued at $4.5M!

Defraudment of widows has become an acceptable norm due to its subtle institutionalisation by courts, security personnel and the people. Wickedness has led many widows, with or without offspring, to be kicked into the streets. But what many do not know is that this atrocity happens even in the United States of America where the law appears to be protective of women but gets interpreted differently when the widow is NOT Caucasian.

It is a known fact that a widow can act as administrator to her husband’s estate but what happens when the judicial process is twisted against a widow without financial resources to get legal backing?

The case of Dr. Omolola Omoteso is pathetic. It all began with Adeleke Omoteso moving Bola Omoteso's corpse in other to gain access to documentation, which he influenced in away that shows premeditation which couldlead oneto conclude that Bola Omoteso's death was a homicide. 

Sadly, all those she has reached to step into the matter including the Vice President of Nigeria and Office of 9th District Representative in New Jersey have played mute to the plight of the widow.

You must have read the news going viral about a widow being locked out of her home in the USA. What you may not have read is that judges, attorneys in Nigeria and the USA, realtors and Wells Fargo Bank are involved in the FRAUD which has led to the hijack of a $4.5M Dollar Estate of Bola Omoteso. But hope is not lost since FRAUD is basis for reversing such litigation.

Involved in the FRAUD is the deceased husband’s own brother - Adeleke Omoteso, his wife Olubunmi Omoteso of First Bank Nigeria and Iseoluwa Abiodun Johnson. On the USA end, we have the judges - Menelaus Toskos and James DeLuca, attorneys - Geoffrey Mueller, Jenny Flom of Cole Schotz, Angelo Scott and the realtor Tarek Hassieb. The judges and attorneys have acted outside judicial appropriateness with many apparent civil violations.

During the last court hearing, Judge DeLuca insisted he had read the Defendant's motion but somehow the judge, who is expected to be impartial, missed reading that she requested for a Yoruba interpreter! Dr. Omolola made this request because court transcripts showed statements different from what she actually said. The reason the court gave was her African accent. How absurd.

“I remember our first love day, you returned home to a candle lit dinner and you asked, who is coming to dinner. And I said YOU. You looked into my eyes as we ate, you shared how this was a first for you. It was for me too... We’d be dining together today if you were not an angel. I’m standing strong.”

This was tweeted in the early hours of June 18, 2019 via the Anne Muyiwa handle; one that has done a lot to focus attention on widow abuse as it advocates for #JusticeforOmolola, #JusticeforWidows #EndWidowAbuse #ReformProbateLaws #TimeIsNow

Dr. Omolola Famuyiwa aka Dr. Omolola Omoteso, the widow of Bola Omoteso is a journalist, communicator par excellence, publisher, public affairs analyst who has graced the screen and radio station airwaves across Nigeria including Channels TV and TVC. She has featured in newspapers including Vanguard and Guardian. She is an avid advocate for child rights and press freedom; a writer with published works who is honoured to speak within and outside the church, professionally. She has served as private consultant to a number of people including well-respected public persons.

One would expect many to be touched by an advocacy, counselling and support for widows she has been thrown into based on personal experience but like many other issues, it seems many Nigerians have become immune to abuse, fraud or corruption that does not include blood and corpses.

And the Federal Government of Nigeria? Is corruption not a key agenda? One begins to wonder how the conspiracy of silence has made insecurity, terrorism, corruption become wars that are impossible to win.

In Dr. Omolola Omoteso’s own words...

The case of widow abuse, impersonation, fraud, financial crime and police brutality, is a simple one that can be summed up as GREED. It is one the state or nation should take up because I was impersonated in the filing of application. It is an unfortunate issue, which has been made lengthy by corrupt judges and criminally minded attorneys focused on bending the arm of the law. 

Though his status as brother is contestable due to many reasons including images which shows no resemblance, I would refer to him here as my husband’s brother to give a frame to the story.

Let me also state that USA does not recognise siblings where there is wife but in this matter Adeleke who filed from out of country through caucasian attorneys without stating his Nigerian address, have been allowed to contest the estate of an American citizen who never changed domicile or renounced his citizenship. I have listed 20 human rights violations in this matter.

Adeleke Omoteso, my husband’s brother filled the form for the hospital copy of the doctored death certificate and autopsy result which is missing key points of reference. Instead of our home address in the USA, Adeleke wrote his own Nigeria address. I later discovered this was based on premeditation. One which may have led to the death of Bola Omoteso, my beloved husband.

My husband’s brother, a Nigerian lawyer, sent his wife Olubunmi (staff of First Bank) to collect my deceased husband’s death certificate in Nigeria where he passed on while on vacation. They never gave it to me till date. It took a while for me to see that they wrote their own address on it.

Using the death certificate, through a lawyer friend of theirs, they applied for letter of administration in my name and Adeleke’s name and obtained a bank certificate in my name and his name in Nigeria. Corruption made this possible.

I succeeded in getting the National Population Commission boot but the address could not be changed. I suspected no motive at that time and so used it as is to file in USA for letter of administration which I got after all conditions were fulfilled.

Knowing I already filed for LA in USA, Adeleke and his attorney Iseoluwa Abiodun Johnson brought the document they obtained in Nigeria to USA to file a case that my husband owes him money and that I already filed for LA in NG so I should be punished for filing in USA.

The debt claim had been filed previously but thrown out. It lacked merit as there was no proof and everything now points to the fact that any debt between the brothers was made good by Bola Omoteso who I discovered transferred large sums of money to his brother and gave him a Honda Pilot valued at 33,000$ as payment. I never filed in Nigeria, himself and his attorney impersonated me. Sadly in the USA court believes debt claim and that that I filed in Nigeria, the court refused to investigate.

The case had been on for about 8 months when I was forced to settle. Sadly the process was bungled and the adversaries noted the terms alone and filed alone without my being allowed to be a party to it. I was not allowed to be part of the settlement document drafting so what the judge passed was all about what the plaintiff wanted.

The case, which has been on now since January 2017, took another turn when I arrived from UK to see I had been locked out in absentia. After I arrived, without being given any access, all my things were taken out to storage without a court order permitting this. The eviction order obtained is nullified by non-service yet they acted on it, locked me out, stole things I returned from UK with, hijacked contents of the 5-room, 4 level home and the property was flipped to a lawyer friend of an attorney acting for the plaintiff’s attorney.

There is a number of human and civil rights violations in the case. I have documented 20. With me acting pro se, judge and attorneys continue to act with impunity as they lumped my rights as administrator with my rights as wife. 

I need your help to blow up the matter via social media and traditional media so those high up can call for the matter and serve justice to stop the abuse. I have been homeless since April 2 with no access to all I own and threat that they would be sold. I fear for my life yet I root my trust in God. I am a woman of strength but this is capable of breaking anyone.


Omolola's story was featured on full page in Vanguard Newspaper of Thursday May 23 2019. This was to set the pace for heightened publicity towards June 18, Bola Omoteso’s post humous 62nd birthday and June 23, International Widows Day.

In this video Omolola makes a spirited appeal to Prof. Oluyemi Osinbajo on whose invitation her husband went to Nigeria during which he lost his life on February 11, 2016. The video is available on YouTube too.

This erudite widow has experienced abuse, fraud, impersonation, judicial complicity and police connivance in Nigeria in addition to brutality in the USA after Jenny Flom, a Caucasian attorney now masquerading illegally as administrator to Bola Omoteso’s Estate, locked her out of her home. 

Report reaching us is that Jenny Flom sold the home in Edgewater New Jersey to her friend, Angelo Scott an immigration attorney in the US for barely 50% of the value while plan is underway to maliciously toss other properties after the widow spent three years to renovate. Adeleke Omoteso has impounded things she owns in Nigeria including her Mercedes Benz and inheritance worth $150,000! This is no doubt a crime; we call well meaning Nigerians and Americans to shout out loud to ensure justice.

Time to stand up to seek #JusticeforOmolola and other widows is NOW.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Prof. Oluyemi Osinbajo: Break the Code of Silence!

Appeal to the VP of Nigeria to Break Silence on Defraudment of Bola Omoteso's Widow

I appeal as the widow of Bola Omoteso to Prof. 'Yemi Osinbajo to speak out against the fraud, impersonation and financial crime I have experienced in the hands of adeleke omoteso, an attorney in Nigeria and a member of the Nigerian Bar Association.

This man who should be stripped of all appurtenances as a lawyer perpetrated document fraud and impersonation with his wife olubunmi omoteso and friend, Iseoluwa Abiodun-Johnson in Nigeria and through Caucasian attorneys locked me out in the USA and took all I own in the USA after hijacking all including inheritance, vehicle and chattels valued at thousands of dollars in Nigeria.

Can you continue to remain silent in the face of wickedness?!

I appeal to you as widow of Bola Omoteso to put an end to the wickedness against widows in Nigeria and to take steps to bring justice to widows by reforming Probate Laws in Nigeria.

A letter from you to the Bergen Surrogates Court in NewJersey, where I am presently squatting, would end the fraud being perpetrated in the USA while you speak to the injustice that happened in Nigeria because the present probate process in Nigeria leave widows at the mercy of a very corrupt judicial and police system.

I have sent many people to you including family members and even sent a direct message to Pastor Foluke Adeboye on the matter. Could they all have refrained from reaching you? I have also sent videos directly to your phone and your wife’s phone. Could aides have kept my plight from you?

I am not asking you for Bola Omoteso’s role even though this would have been apt considering we worked tirelessly to bring about a government we expected would better the lot of the less privileged. I am not asking for allowance, for insurance or compensation. I am asking that you do the right thing as a man of integrity by speaking out on this abuse which may never have happened if Bola Omoteso did not visit Nigeria on your invitation.


I am Omolola, the wife of Bola Adetayo Omoteso, a man who loved God and gave his life for his passion for a better Nigeria. He came to Nigeria on the invitation of his friend Pastor Prof Oluyemi Osinbajo, the Vice President of Nigeria. His visit was NOT a change of domicile. His return ticket was for April 2016.

In Bola Omoteso's lifetime, both families visited each other. In the VP’s call to the presidency, we served. I cry out now not as a family friend, friend or sister but as a citizen to appeal as well as demand that you, Prof 'Yemi Osinbajo do the right thing.

My husband was engaged in the services of DFID-PDFII. He died and his brother adeleke omoteso, a Nigerian attorney, who was complicit in his death perpetrated document fraud with which himself, his wife, attorneys working for him and judges have now rendered me homeless and hijacked all I own and inherited in Nigeria and the USA.

I am calling on Prof. Osinbajo as the Vice President to speak truth to this situation and stop the abuse of widows. Bola Omoteso loved you and signed up for a role that claimed his life, should you be silent?! If what is happening to me happened to Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, Bola would not be silent.

He loved you as a brother more than he loved his own blood sisters, he had high respect and regard for you even though you were contemporaries. Temi believed in you and the idea of what your call to service would mean for Nigeria and Nigerians.

The white papers he drafted with his friend Mr. Biola Ajoni and the ideas I shared have been put to use by the presidency. Yet, his death drew no federal benefit to me as wife.

Dear VP, your silence is a rape on the integrity and legacy of Bola Omoteso. Your silence is leading to a point where fraudsters may win falsely against the truth the Bible is based on.

I have sent many to you including your mother, who I was told was classmate to Bola Omoteso’s mother, and Daddy GO, as head of RCCG. This idea of publicly appealing came to me over two years ago but I refrained and decided to use every mediation medium possible. My calls and emails have been completely ignored, your wife met me a couple of times and treated me like a stranger.

Yet, I was part of a team of women who risked their lives travelling to campaign. My demand is not for money but that you as Senior Advocate of Nigeria and the heartbeat of the Nigerian legal system, step in to stop this fraud that the Bergen County Surrogates Court has ratified as true by taking everything we owned and tossing Bola Omoteso’s legacy before swines.

If you are indeed a man of integrity, ACT NOW. And do much more than get #JusticeforOmolola, get #JusticeforWidows, #EndWidowAbuse and #ReformProbateLaws.

I appeal to you to stand as a hero of justice to females, who have faced the worst deal under this present government where only 7 of 107 are legislators.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wicked Widowhood Practice in Nigeria

Walk With Widows
#JusticeforWidows #EndWidowAbuse #ReformProbateLaws

May 15, 2019

Lagos, Nigeria
Justice for Widows


Wicked widowhood practice has continued despite laws and customs put in place to mitigate such. Today in Nigeria, widows are still being humiliated, dehumanised and abused via wicked customs, rites and rituals that make one question whether the present government care about women. Sadly, the percentage of women in socio-political offices continues to decrees despite the clamour for affirmative action. With fewer women in legislative roles, the chances that the issues of widows would take frontline are fast dwindling especially because the number of widows in political offices is negligible. This is not unconnected with the fact that society strips widows of dignity and many United Nations initiatives do not make widows a major focus.

In Nigeria, customary laws have provisions for levirate inheritance, which is the “take over” of widow by any of her deceased husband’s male sibling or relative. Though this is fast eroding, some cultures deprive women who decline, the right of place as members of the deceased’s extended family. Some take over the children or force widow to return the bride price.

In a funeral ceremony witnessed in Delta state, the burial was to be discontinued because the woman failed to come with her wedding ring. Prayers and appeal saved her from having to return to bring it from the Northern part of Nigeria where she lived with her husband before he died in a railroad accident. The custom there is to bury the widow’s wedding ring with the deceased. This is a wicked custom meant to diabolically and psychologically make women bound to their deceased husbands and so not free to remarry. Does death not come to all?

Customary laws include provision that the family of deceased husband takes care of his living spouse and children (where they have any). This has become a role for sincere friends with a number taking up the education of the children but often only for a short while. Sadly many families engage in wickedness that robs widows (and often their children) of everything including the right to survive. Instead of providing care, comfort and compassion, families exploit, debase and abuse widows, rob them of priced possessions (built or sustained with their husbands) and drive them to the streets.

Roseline, a widow of Akwa Ibom descent, was chased out with her daughters having only the clothes on her back. She had to crash in with a family friend before heading out of Lagos to live with her uncle. Her first daughter have now been taken by the family with threats that the second one would also be taken since she has refused to sign into the levirate order.

Sadly, the government, women in positions of authority, churches, mosques and many thought-leaders have entered into a code of silence on this wicked practice, which is fast becoming endemic. It was reported in the news last year, how a widow gave up the ghost after drinking bath water from her deceased husband’s corpse. Another widow, Stella Ogheneovo, in May 2017 lamented how she was forced to disclose the assets her husband left behind by relatives fighting to inherit his property. Thugs were sent to beat and terrorise her and her five children in hopes of intimidating her. She was also forced to drink the water used to wash her deceased husband’s corpse to prove her innocence in his untimely death. Stella was admitted to hospital with severe stomach pains after the incident. Like these atrocities were not enough, her son recounted how his father’s legs were amputated and his body buried without other parts.

A clan in Edo customarily compels widows to cut hair, wear black or dark coloured clothes, and sit on bare floor anywhere from 7-40 days… The tales of wicked widowhood custom continues through the length and breath of Africa and beyond. Omolola Omoteso whose beloved hails originally from Oru Ijebu recounted how her husband’s corpse was moved to another hospital. In retrospect, she realised it was to ensure she had no access to the documentation process.
With many widows alone, lonely and in grave grief from how and when their husband dies, they are rather weak and have no resources to fight or advocate for justice. So many of these issues continue without any law or bill criminalising such and so the abuse and dehumanisation experienced by thousands of women are swept under the carpet.

Wicked widowhood or mourning customs, rites and rituals that widows are FORCED to go through include sleeping with the corpse as a symbolic last sexual act with dead husband, drinking the water that was used to wash the husband’s corpse for self exculpation, sitting or sleeping on the bare floor without a blanket for weeks or months regardless of weather (act of dethronement from being wife), wearing the same garments for weeks or months, trial by fire as an ordeal to prove innocence from murder, shaving of the widow's hair with razor blade which could be of the head only or include pubic and armpit hair, hair and mourning clothes burning, ritual cleansing by sex, sitting naked to wash in a stream, returning home naked after cleansing and in some cases one year after to complete the cleansing process, obligated to dress in black, restricted from going out, compelled and controlled weeping and lamentation, forced sexual relations with family members, brothers-in-law, father-in-law to “cleanse” the widow of evil spirits. This is nothing but rape of the body and mind! One neither President Buhari nor President Trump would wish their wives to be subject to. The widow is deliberately made to look dirty and ugly, labelled untouchable, defiled and banished from receiving gifts or handshake. She is stopped from eating, fed by others or made to eat from broken plates. Some cultures scarify widows. Nigeria: A ritual by the name of "isinku" that a widow is subjected to upon the death of her husband, 4 May 2000, NGA34292.E, available at: [accessed 16 May 2019]

Among the Yoruba in Lagos State, the people of Ijora have a three-month official mourning period during which widows are not allowed to remove or change clothes until the end of the mourning period. Her hair is shaved and she is made to sit on bare floor. Many customs practice this wickedness. A widow from Ilaje narrated how the women who were appointed to supervise her debasement and shame of sitting on the floor would have her sleep on the bed when night falls and the door to her room is closed. This is the only way she succeeded in sleeping throughout the three months of mourning.

Sadly, the judiciary and law courts that should advocate for women or stand by widows, have become complicit in the abuse women go through especially as it relates to the process for obtaining death certificates and letters of administration. It is appalling that law courts in Nigeria and USA to mention two, are being used for disenfranchisement of widows.

The courts are not effectively applying the measures as provided by the law due to corruption and tribal sentiments. Dr. Omolola Omoteso narrated that though Nigeria Police Area F Command investigated her case and adjudged it criminal, both parties were asked to go and settle it t home. This surely make one wonders how much bribe changed hands. All questions asked by the Commander ACP Zungura pointed to fraud by Adeleke Omoteso, her husband’s brother; yet, the report from the Police was first declined then written in a watery manner as to release the culprits from prosecution. Many guilty parties, like Adeleke Omoteso, his wife – Olubunmi of First bank Nigeria and and co-lawyer – Iseoluwa Abiodun-Johnson, with whom he perpetrated the fraud walk away unpunished.

The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), an international treaty adopted in 1979 by the United Nations General Assembly has unfortunately not focused much on widow abuse, which is clearly bias and violence against women. CEDAW is an international bill of rights for women instituted on 3 September 1981 and has been ratified by 189 states. Nigeria signed the bill on April 23, 1984. Dr. Theodore Obiageli Okonkwo, a lawyer and gender rights activist, was Nigeria’s elected representative to the United Nations’ Committee on CEDAW. Her tenure ended in 2016, sadly she passed away in 2017.

Dr. Oby as she was fondly called was the founder and Executive Director of the Civil Resource Development and Documentation Centre (CIRDDOC), an independent, non-governmental organisation that is committed to the promotion of human rights, good governance and access to justice. She retired from the magistracy after 23 years of service. She was at the forefront of the campaign for the promotion and protection of women’s rights. She was a human rights activist, election observer, community mobiliser, independent development consultant and trainer/Facilitator. She authored several publications on gender and women’s rights. She, along with a Ugandan, represents Africa on the Steering Committee of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court and member of the ICC Gender Justice Team and Advisory Board member of Global Fund for Women. Where are other women advocating for justice?

A widow and United Kingdom-based Nigerian, Mrs. Patricia Kelly-Lambo, has cried out for justice and protection of her life, following a forged divorced paper presented to a UK court by the former wife of her deceased husband, claiming she is the only legally married wife to Engr. Olayiwola James Akanbi Lambo who dies on November 3, 2017. According to Patricia Lambo, she lived together with her late husband in their London home before he took ill on July 17, 2017. While still trying to come to terms with the death of her husband, she discovered that the ex-wife, Esther, who her husband married and lived with between 1962 and 1974, but later divorced went to the hospital, the birth and death office in London to pose as the wife and was then issued with the death certificate. In the process of trying to dispute the claim of Esther and get back custody of the papers already issued to her in order to proceed with the arrangement for the burial of the deceased, she discovered that Esther and her son, Tunde, had filed a lawsuit in UK court claiming Patricia was divorced by the late husband and presented forged divorce paper, dated March 8, 2000 from a high court in Lagos.

Mourning rites and rituals differ from tribe to tribe but they are imposed on the rich and the poor, the educated and uneducated, the urban as well as rural people. The practices of wickedness to widows are most obnoxious in Eastern Nigeria. They are worse in ethnic groups, which have remained animist, and less horrific in Islamic and Christian groups. It is a tool of debasement by men against women popularised by the women used as tools of inflicting the abuse. Take the issue of Dr. Omolola Omoteso nee Famuyiwa that has gone viral online; a perfect example for many to see that wickedness to widows cut across social backgrounds. This widow is well read and wealthy, yet this has not stopped her husband’s family from perpetrating fraud against her. Her story is sad because the Lagos State Judiciary appears to be complicit deliberately or by process error.
Omolola, her family and friends began a campaign with #JusticeforOmolola. Why? She was abused in Nigeria and the USA because the Nigerian Law has holes through which fraud can and was perpetrated against her as a widow. Lagos State Hospital and Lagos State Judiciary (LSJ) were complicit in the abuse she experienced because a death certificate was issued with the wrong details to the wrong person and bank certificate was issued in her name without her knowledge. This grave injustice was possible because any lawyer can approach the courts of law in Nigeria, claim he is acting for a widow and go ahead to begin the process of applying for a letter of administration, provided he or she has a death certificate. Though she eventually collected a copy of the National Population Commission death certificate, the details put in by Adeleke Omoteso, which indicate Bola Omoteso lived in his house, could not be changed. Omolola who did not consider the error in address done on the basis of motive used it to file for letter of administration in the USA. All was well until Adeleke filed a law suit in which he alleged that Bola Omoteso who remained a citizen domiciled in USA changed domicile based on details which he doctored in the death certificate. The case which shold never have been admitted continues in the USA with Omolola likely to lose all if the government of Nigeria remains aloof.

Presently there is no clear rules or process of obtaining death certificate. Many believe it can be obtained by anyone who takes in the corpse. If so, this is faulty. Another error in process is the filling of forms for the issuance of death certificate. Anyone can presently apply through the hospital. Since Nigeria has no database of citizens, any name claimed to be a resident of Nigeria and any address written is acceptable. You can even bribe your way into getting a death certificate and autopsy result for someone still living. There is also an error in the process of collection, anyone seems to be able to collect this document, which is legal and can be used to perpetrate fraud against widows. In Omolola’s case, a sister-in-law collected it.

A journalist who spoke on conditions of anonymity lamented how her deceased spouse’s siblings broke into her safe to steal the death certificate while she was still in mourning. They used the document to transfer properties owned by herself and her husband but in her husband’s name alone, to themselves. It is a known fact that many Nigerian women, despite matrimonial laws, go through marriage without their names written on anything, even properties built and cars bought with their own earned income. Many Christian women take to heart the injunction in Mark 10:8 and Ephesians 5:23 which says two has become one and the man is the head of the home. Laws should clearly include what is covered under matrimony.
When Omolola asked the LSJ to retract the document, she was told to litigate. Widows who have the money, lack the strength to pursue cases. Sadly, the case brought against her because of documents issued with wrong details or illegally by LSJ in her name in Nigeria has continued in the USA for over two years. Omolola have lost a 1.5M$ property to Wells Fargo Bank who promptly took over the property after her husband’s demise.

Many have asked how this could have happened in USA where it appears the rights of women are protected. It appears being a woman with African roots changes everything for this Nigerian-American and calls to question the issue of sexism and racism. Bergen County Surrogates Court New Jersey where Adeleke Omoteso filed his lawsuit have suspended the state’s Probate Laws, which does not take cognisance of siblings where there is living spouse or child, in the matter of Bola Omoteso. Omolola’s husband’s brother, who is an attorney with no residency status in the USA, has succeeded in using legal holes to plug himself into the American system through Caucasian attorneys. Sadly only one human rights organisation, have put their weight behind this widow who has done a lot to advocate with results for children and/or women especially in Nigeria and the USA. While the petition by Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre (WARDC) is being investigated by the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) the widow has been locked out of her USA home, chattes and inheritance impounded in USA and Nigeria while lawyers race to sell them off. One may ask, who is responsible for getting justice for widows?

One wonders how Adeleke Omoteso succeeded. According to Omolola, her deceased husband’s brother’s wife (sister-in-law) collected the hospital copy of death certificate for Bola Omoteso. This document, which already contained wrong residence details filled by Adeleke Omoteso, was then used by their attorney friend Iseoluwa Abiodun-Johnson to apply for letter of administration in her name in Nigeria. Iseluwa lied that he was representing Adeleke and Omolola but had up to that point never spoken to her or sought her consent. The judiciary in the USA does not believe this is possible. They also do not believe that an application for LA, which led to issuance of bank certificate in widow’s name, could have been done without her knowledge. Holes in Nigeria’s Probate Laws made this fraud by impersonation possible. A letter by the Lagos State Government to the Bergen Surrogate’s Court New Jersey would solve this abuse but LSJ has refused to step into the matter to clear the air and save Omolola from abuse.

After experiencing widow abuse, Dr. Omolola Omoteso has taken up advocacy and campaign to share information on the plight of widows and how people can prepare for inevitability. She has organised colloquiums, celebration, counseling, medical services and trainings. The importance of medical care to widows was driven home when two widows presented with high blood pressure reading of 196 and 214 respectively. They were promptly given medical attention and all participants were counselled about the importance of managing their health. In addition, she continues to support widows with funds. But she herself remains homeless from abuse. 

A communiqué endorsed by the participants and others including Cares Global Network, Almanah Hope Foundation, Ashake Foundation, Beauty for Ashes and over 100 individuals was shared following a flagship event tagged Walk With Widows. The communiqué spells out what is required of widows, those still married, civil societies and the government towards eradicating widow abuse in Nigeria and beyond.

Dr. Omolola Omoteso’s case is one; Mrs. Patricia Kelly-Lambo’s case is another. Thousands continue to face a situation where in-laws legalise fraud by using institutions meant to serve justice. This news story, which backs up the 10 points agenda in the communiqué, has been written to focus again on the plights of widows in Nigeria. These stories sound no less like Nollywood only that women, real women have been compelled to pay the price. Some have broken down under such abusive weight while others have lost their lives in the process.

The time is now to END WIDOW ABUSE. We are via this report calling on the Fderal Government of Nigerian and USA Government to arise and be counted as widows’ heroes of JUSTICE. Together we can seek #JusticeforWidows and #ReformProbateLaws.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Rejoinder to Adeleke Adewale Omoteso’s LIES

In celebration of National Widows Day, read to be aware of the wickedness against widows....

Rejoinder to Adeleke Adewale Omoteso’s LIES

Dear One:

I share with you Isaiah 54, special attention to 17, for those who believe in the Bible.

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

If you did not receive the message from Adeleke Omoteso, feel free to skip this. The screen shot is reproduced far below.

Those who know Omolola know her. I will not attempt to tamper with your right to hold an opinion. But so lies will not be celebrated as truth, I reach you in an attempt to reach anyone Adeleke reached. He must have gone through great length to catalogue the contacts that were part of Bola Memorial Watch (BMW). Using the contact for such purpose as he did is egregious. It was a group strictly to honour Bola Omoteso and carry folks along.

In most of the things I do, especially in relating with others, as a woman of God, I ask God. I asked God what to do earlier today after I was notified of messages by Adeleke Omoteso and He said, respond with enquiry and this is the model I will adopt. 

First, let me let you know that the message you may have received via WhatsApp was not sent to me. It was sent to those who were a part of the BMW, which was previously created by Omolola for all those who were either a part of Bola Omoteso’s life or a part of his funeral. Three in that group - a sibling, a member of the ministry under my care and an alum of Loyola forwarded it to me. Those in that group did not give Adeleke Omoteso the legal right to their numbers so any of them can proceed to sue him for infringement of privacy. Gladly those who know me are not affected by the lies therein. A fourth person called to pray with me citing the Bible passage above.

I sent an earlier message via WhatsApp and I did it upon the right I had. I will explain. Those to whom I sent the message after I was locked out of my USA residence by Adeleke’s gang were members of SAN (a group I began and which Adeleke Omoteso joined and added his friends), my close allies and Bola’s alumni members. Adeleke joined SAN because he feigned to believe in Bola and Omolola’s vision of restoring righteousness in Nigeria. He left soon after. Those who do not like the heat of truth cannot stay in the palace of righteousness. 

I am indeed happy that though feigning to be silent, after years of lying to all who cared to listen, especially Bola Omoteso’s friends who were in position to help Omolola, Adeleke Omoteso has shared his lies in text, outside the court of law where he sought to use holes in law to drown an innocent woman. One who was responsible and devoted to nursing his brother back to FULL health by the grace of God to the glory of The Trinity.

CNN has an inscription by their entrance and on their Twitter Page, “facts are facts.” Fact is defined as a thing that is known or proved to be true which means even facts can be manipulated or distorted which is what Adeleke Omoteso has tried to do since the passing of Bola Omoteso, in which he was complicit. But what is true is true whether it can be proven or not. Truth is the quality of authenticity. 

For months, Adeleke Omoteso insisted that Bola Omoteso did NOT pay him back for the loan he claimed and when I pointed out payments including the purchase for and shipping to him of a Honda Pilot, he insisted it was 27,000-28,000$. Though I could not prove the fact I knew, I insisted for months on what my beloved Bola Omoteso told me; that the vehicle was to offset 33,000$. Adeleke Omoteso lied for months but during the unconscionable settlement I was forced into by a corrupt judge, in New Jersey at which he had two attorneys and I had none, he suddenly had a brain wave moment and said, (paraphrased) okay let me explain to you, when he went to the car lot to buy it, the car was price tagged at 33,000$! 

I upheld the words of a transited man and stuck to it because Bola Omoteso I know, Adeleke I do not know. Brethren, the lie went on for months, but the truth surfaced. The price of anything is not what it is marked down to, if it is, but the price on it at purchase.

At the interrogation in Area F, during which Adeleke Omoteso was manipulating the truth by not sharing dates, just as he has done in the message you received, I looked him in the eyes and said, “Adeleke o se ogun, o sa ogun si mi.” And he responded, “Ehn, ehn, sebi iwo na n’tan candle!” It was an unguarded moment and the truth of his diabolism came out. He added (speaking to Iseoluwa Abiodun-Johnson formerly Ogun, his accomplice attorney), to validate his statement, “...sebi a ri, sebi won fi han wa, ti won n’se procession pelu candle round the house.” Where did Adeleke Omoteso see Omolola? He went to use babalawo medium. What the myopic medium saw were humans in procession but what was shown were angels, keeping watch and marching round, holding light of God’s truth which can never be quenched by mortals.

He said in the same Area F that because I had no child with Bola Omoteso, he would ensure I leave “naked”. His words show the evil of this man who I now strongly believe is not a FULL blood brother of Bola Omoteso. Those who really knew Bola Omoteso and knew the condition he was living with, were GENUINELY excited that he found a woman to say yes and commit to the yes. I was whole, well and wealthy when I met Bola Omoteso. By God, I will remain better off than Adeleke no matter how much he tries.

Adeleke mentioned that NBA, Police and EFCC dismissed the case but the truth is this, NBA quit contacting me after “hand touched hand”. Police changed a criminal case to civil after he bribed them. I was asked for a bribe and I refused. The 2-i-C said unequivocally that this is a criminal case and things would have been different if he handled the case. I reported to Lagos State Judiciary and they uncovered that Iseoluwa and Adeleke filed without my knowledge and consent, but guess what, they minimised issuing the bank certificate in my name and put their response on a non-letterhead paper. Why? Why was the letter to notify Adeleke that I had challenged his lies put on letterhead but letter to me confirming that Iseoluwa applied and signed, was not on letterhead. Corruption rules and reigns in Nigeria. I notified EFCC via email but it was dismissed as hearsay. With the twist, I decided to expend my energy towards doing an affidavit to counter the doctored death certificate.

It is sad that institutions meant to protect are corrupt. Sad still that Bola Omoteso lost his life in a bid to contribute his quota towards entrenching justice and equity in Nigeria. Thankfully, God of Justice who rules in the affairs of humans does not take bribe and cannot be manipulated. Lies cannot stand the test of time. A case in point is the story in the United Kingdom of multimillionaire novelist Lord Jeffrey Archer, Ted Francis and Monica Coghlan. I just pray this does not take 12 years!

I will add this before my enquiry to let you know that Adeleke Omoteso is a LIAR. He has been on a trip of calumny but obviously has now sold his soul to satan...

He said at Bola Omoteso’s funeral as he must have told you or anyone who cared to listen that he is Chief Omoteso’s last born. But Baba Omoteso had a daughter after Adeleke. Adeleke in trying to wish the daughter away NEVER speaks about her. But truth is truth. Is she still alive? Ask him what happened to her. Even my husband kept this family secret but Baba’s Living Will mentioned her. Baba Omoteso did not make Adeleke and this daughter (both who were his last two children), executors in his Living Will for reasons best known to him. Adeleke holds this against Baba and seek to profit where he never sowed. Do you know that as attorney to his father’s estate, he charges legal and PR fees and make other siblings pay from the Estate coffers? Do you know that his attempt to take over Bola Omoteso’s inheritance from his father, which is Omolola’s inheritance, would make him a 50% stakeholder ahead of those who remain executors?  Why did Adeleke Omoteso ask Bola Omoteso to adopt his children? The hatred for Omolola stems from the fact she married a man who was seen as their cash cow because of his medical condition.

From February 2016 till March 2018, Adeleke spread lies like wild fire. He sent a man to negotiate with me for 50% of the Estate of Bola Omoteso, after all his attempts to manipulate me failed. In the early days of my husband’s demise, he would come into the room I was in, alone! Who goes into the private room of a mourning widow? At some point, I refused food. I am grateful to God that I escaped being poisoned. I waited that long because my people and myself wanted mediation to work, not for Adeleke who is shameless but for Bola Omoteso and I. March 8, 2018, after waiting for two years, the truth was published and can be read at That truth has not changed and would provide answers to anyone concerned. According to Adeleke and his team of fraudsters, it is 20 pages, so grab a drink or snack if you chose to read. 

As Adeleke Omoteso has put his lies in text, I am able to directly point you to the TRUTH. I thank God that the heat has burned the lies of many months and the truth has surfaced. By grace to God’s glory, the truth shall stand. IT SHALL STAND.


1.     Where are the documents attesting to such a loan and does the document include interest? Can you loan your brother money with interest? Why did Bola Omoteso not sign in his lifetime, the promissory note drafted by Adeleke Omoteso for the purported loan? Will an 80,000$ loan remain after transfer of 27,000$ (confirmed by him as cash payment in bank statement presented in court), purchase of Honda Pilot 33,000$ handed over to Adeleke in Bola Omoteso’s lifetime, after demise impounding of vehicle worth $10,000, chattels valued at $15,000 and other provable transfer to Adeleke Omoteso? Why was the balance of this loan, if any, not brought to the attention of Omolola? Why did Adeleke head to the USA court to demand 167,000$ especially considering he claims Bola Omoteso changed domicile?

2.     If someone makes a part payment to you in cash, why deny that he paid you anything? Who paid for the Honda Pilot? Who shipped it to Nigeria? From where?

3.     Did Adeleke Omoteso visit 457A-B after the fact to know that ALL was shipped? If you never verified, and were never at the point of shipping, why would anyone argue that ALL was shipped? Can a man who was living with sickle cell and on dialysis relocate or change domicile to Nigeria when even president and vice go abroad for medicals? Can a man who has a 3-6 months contract scheduled to FORMALLY begin February 15, to work for the government of UK under arrangement with NG presidency change domicile? Did the Nigerian government hire Bola Omoteso? Can Theresa Lee rent out an already occupied 457B? Did Theresa Lee rent out 457A? How come Omolola returned to their home in April 2016? Why did Bola Omoteso have a return ticket for April 2016? Why did Bola Omoteso renew his New Jersey driver’s license in October/November 2015, if shipping of his vehicle meant relocation? Adeleke Omoteso claimed in his 250page document that Bola shipped 4 vehicles; did Bola Omoteso own 4 vehicles in his lifetime? 

4.     Can a man who owned 4 properties elect to live in one room with his wife? Can a man set to work with the presidency live in one room? Why did Bola Omoteso stop sleeping in the room? I will tell you? Bola Omoteso contracted an infection from the mold-infected room Adeleke saw fit to put him in. Where did Adeleke Omoteso take Bola Omoteso to when he arrived Nigeria? Why did Adeleke Omoteso register Bola with a gynaecologist when he became unwell? Why did Adeleke who does not know Bola’s medical history, take him to a cardiologist without informing Omolola? Why was Bola Omoteso given steroids by this doctor whom Adeleke has refused to talk about? Why did Adeleke take an ailing man who was physically bloated from local airport in Ikeja to his own home without branching in Bola Omoteso’s medical clinic located in Allen and Ikorodu Road? Adeleke lives in Ilupeju. Omolola bought Bola Omoteso’s ticket to Abuja and took him to the airport; he was hale and hearty! Why did Adeleke not inform Omolola of pick up? Why did Adeleke wait to get to his own house and lay Bola Omoteso down before informing Omolola of Bola’s state of health? Why did Adeleke serve a physically bloated man Coca Cola and took him to his own house when he is not a doctor? Considering Bola Omoteso joined Omolola in RCCG Camp on arrival (driven there by Adeleke) and Bola Omoteso made trips to Abuja, how many days did he stay in Adeleke’s house with or without his wife? Is a visit synonymous with residency, rental or squatting? Where were the things brought home by Bola Omoteso and his wife kept? Where are they now? Under oath in Bergen County, Adeleke lied that they were shipped to his own home because the shipping company wrote his address on the bill as the receiver but Mr. Collins Elumogo 0909 148 4704 who handled shipping would tell you that things were shipped to Baba Omoteso’s home in Obanikoro. Adeleke LIED under oath. Feel free to request transcript of pre hearing of September 21/22. He called it trial, NO, it was pre-hearing. Fact can be manipulated but what is TRUE is TRUE.

5.     Adeleke leave out dates in his lies because trained ears can pick out lies. I will open your eyes to the truth. The death certificate was collected on February 16 (5 days after Bola Omoteso’s death). Adeleke said I was in his house, let me clarify that I honoured the Omoteso family by staying there as tradition demands. I never lived there; I could NEVER have lived there. I had no idea the room existed until my husband had course to stay there for few days. Why did Olubunmi Omoteso or Adeleke Omoteso not mention collection of the death certificate to Omolola until she requested for it on March 7, 2016? Why was the document NEVER handed over to Omolola? Why did Adeleke move Bola Omoteso’s body from the private morgue by GHL Odan Lagos to Ikeja, a location Omolola never knew? Why did the autopsy record 7.30PM as time of death when Bola Omoteso was still alive at 8PM? Was an autopsy really done? Why is the autopsy missing information about surgical marks I as wife knew my husband had?!

6.     Again conman Adeleke leave out dates. Remember that Omolola requested for the death certificate on March 7, why was Omolola not given? Application for letters of administration was dated March 7 or 8, which means this application was done before or during the meeting.  What does unanimous mean? Would it be unanimous if 4 people attended a meeting, two did not vote and one has no right to vote! How unanimous is that unanimous? What was the purpose of the meeting if the original death certificate was already being used to file for letter of administration? Why were Omolola’s aunties ordered out of the meeting when Mrs. Adedotun Dayspring-Adenusi nee Omoteso had her husband in attendance? She claimed he is Baba Omoteso’s first son! I laugh in French. This statement directly usurps Bola Omoteso’s position. Why was Omolola not given even a copy of the death certificate? Why did Omolola leave the meeting in tears? Omolola has a record of the meeting on Bola Omoteso’s memorial site, be sure to boost the audio for clarity (use the link with “ambushed”).

7.     What is an agreement? How could an agreement have been reached after filing an application? If she did, where is the document through which Omolola gave consent? Why did Omolola become aware of this application in 2017 after Adeleke used application documents as exhibit in the lawsuit? Why did Iseoluwa write to the Bergen Surrogate Court without notifying Omolola? Dates. When Adeleke tells you ANYTHING, ask for date. Omolola did not return to Adeleke Omoteso’s home after the meeting on March 8, she was abused, derided, disparaged and she chose the path of honour. How come the application noted Adeleke Omoteso’s house as Omolola’s residence? Why was Omolola’s name noted as Omolola Omoteso when Adeleke Omoteso has in Bola Omoteso’s lifetime created crisis in Bola and Omolola’s marriage by instigating Bola Omoteso to fight Omolola for not changing her name legally? WHY? I will tell you why, by writing Omolola Famuyiwa, Adeleke would have been asked for marriage certificate and he does not have this document! Lawyers become liars when the holes in law are used to manipulate the same law they vowed to uphold. Can an “earlier” email dated May 1, 2016 pre approve something done on March 8, 2016! (LOL) Something tagged “earlier” should have been emailed before March 8, NOT after the fact. When you lie a lot, even your own words twist your tongue. Adeleke has admitted in #7 that Iseoluwa filed the application but in his 250-page lawsuit he argued that Omolola filed the application. Inadvertently, in the same 250-page document, in his accomplice attorney’s certification, he confirmed that Adeleke Omoteso filed the application in Nigeria. That this man filed a 250page lawsuit means he wanted to drown the truth but that 250 page contained two statements that attested to the fact that the truth CANNOT be buried. In that lawsuit filed in January 2017, Adeleke noted Omolola’s residence as New Jersey. Can Omolola’s husband change domicile while she remained resident in New Jersey? Why does the application for letter of administration in Nigeria done March 7/8 have Adeleke Omoteso’s address as Omolola’s residence but the power of attorney Adeleke Omoteso signed on oath to Ade Gbadegesin (attached) carry New Jersey as Bola Omoteso’s address yet the present lawsuit in Nigeria as I am told carry Surulere as Omolola’s address? Is this man confused, senile or corrupt?

8.     What does it mean to pack out? You do not pack out with a handbag following a meeting! If you leave with a handbag, you were never a resident but a guest. Was Omolola aware an application was filed on March 7/8 before or during the meeting? Why did Adeleke sign as next of kin at Vaults and Gardens? Why did Adeleke go to the American Embassy to report the death of an American and sign as next of kin without notifying Omolola? As Adeleke would have you believe, a follow up meeting was scheduled for April 8. If true, how come an application for letter of administration was DATED same day as the initial INCONCLUSIVE meeting of March 8? You need no binoculars to see FRAUD.

9.     April 8 2016, I was out of Nigeria. I am eternally grateful to God for so doing as I was not aware an application has been filed in my name without my knowledge and consent. I became aware in 2017! If God did not lead me to leave Nigeria, I would be dead. I write this unequivocally. If any meeting was planned, it was to use juju to make me comply because an application has been done on March 7/8 2016 in Omolola’s name. If I recollect vividly, the date of the meeting was changed, I was not asked for what works for me. Adeleke by fiat notified me of the veto; I was not available due to a prior travel plan. My travel is provable.

10.  “Would have been handed over” means there was plan according to Adeleke. The reason for the March 8 meeting was to hand over the death certificate, why was it not handed over? Please remember that I was in Adeleke’s house OFF and ON from February 12 to March 8 and I was not told that the death certificate had been collected, I was not told who collected it and I was NEVER given. What is making rounds came out by virtue of investigative journalism. Why was a death certificate never handed to Bola Omoteso’s wife used to file application for letters of administration in her name, before or while the kangaroo meeting was taking place on March 7/8? Why did Adeleke proceed to file an application when Mrs. Adenusi, his eldest sister said during the meeting (listen to audio link) that NOTHING should be done within 40 days in respect of the departed?! Who decides who joins widow in the filing of letter of administration? Who makes decisions about when to file and where? Bola NEVER changed domicile, he was every inch an American. Omolola knew nothing about Nigerian law and at no time planned to file in Nigeria. 

11.  If a decision or agreement was made on March 8, why was a follow up meeting scheduled? Who is Bola Omoteso’s next of kin? In filling the application in USA, I contacted Barrister Mebude (those who know him can ask); he would recollect that I asked him a question, “do I need to include siblings in my application” and he said no. At the surrogates court, I asked the same question and I was told no. Did Omolola lie in her application? She did not. Siblings are NOT recognised in the USA Probate Law when there is a wife or child. It falls on me to make the decision, which is why Adeleke tried to USURP my role. Bola Omoteso married a capable and honest wife who would not have used the death of her beloved to amass wealth. Adeleke failed to mention that he attempted to become an administrator in the USA without informing Omolola but was told that he could only become an ancillary administrator. He attempted to become the ancillary administrator but was told he needed approval from Bola Omoteso’s wife - Omolola. Request documentation if you so desire. Of course he was too arrogant to ask this. Did Omolola at any time wish to take EVERYTHING? No. Could Omolola have taken everything? YES. There are two people you can confirm from - Prof Yemi Osinbajo with whom I had a meeting and asked “What do you want me to give to the Omoteso family” and Mr. Abiola Ajoni to whom I wrote a detailed email around late 2016/early 2017 spelling out plans to distribute the Estate. Those in my list include Bola Omoteso’s pastors and friends who supported his will to live beyond his medical condition. Ask Adeleke Omoteso another question, if he has spent money to hire attorneys in Nigeria, impersonate Omolola in the filing of application for letters of administration, spent 100-500$ per hour to hire Caucasian attorneys in the USA, how much has he spent on Bola Omoteso’s grave site? How much has he spent to memorialise him? How much has he spent to renovate the properties he now greedily wants to profit from?  Before he responds, I will; ZERO. Ask, why was Omolola not invited to the meeting where Bola Omoteso’s funeral was discussed?

12.  Was Omolola aware Bola received money from Adeleke and Bola’s friend? Yes. Was Omolola aware that Bola Omoteso paid back part of the money, which is unsecured? Yes. What would you do if a party starts on a premise that no amount was paid back of the amount in question and demands over 100% as interest? I asked during the meeting for Adeleke to show proof of what is left and assured that whatever is left, IF verified would be paid back. Did Adeleke verify? Why was his claim for $167,000+ thrown out of court? There exists no proof beyond the promissory note drafted by Adeleke but NEVER signed by Bola Omoteso. Why did Bola Omoteso not sign? Adeleke fraudulently hid “interest %...” in the document believing his brother would not read. If this document had been signed, Adeleke could have written 100% after the fact but Bola Omoteso NEVER signed.

13.  Omolola was never and never will be frustrated. Women who marry for papers file soon after marriage, in all the years I was married to Bola Omoteso, I never did. Women, who marry for property, do pre nuptial, but even on furniture paid for by me, my name did not appear. Why was repatriation of funds requested? To bring mortgage account current so properties can be sold at VALUE. Was it from Adeleke who even friends’ attest is broke? It was to be from inheritance of my husband, which by legal right transferred to Omolola at Bola Omoteso’s death. The foolishness of not investing in bringing accounts current is why Adeleke is greedily conniving to sell a $1.5M property forkless than $800,000 just so he can draw $50,000 he fraudulently cornered for himself.

14.  If I was not clear that Adeleke is a fraudster, I now KNOW. Adeleke would have you believe that during an inconclusive meeting on March 8 at Obanikoro, a meeting which was called to hand over the death certificate to Omolola, Iseoluwa was at the Ikeja High Court, filing an application in Omolola’s name, without her knowledge or consent, using the same death certificate that should have been handed over on March 8 to Omolola or which Adeleke planned to hand over on April 8. You went to school, read between the lines. The death certificate is a legal document, why did Adeleke and Olubunmi become mute about collecting this document from February 16 to March 8. The copy retrieved from NPC sadly has wrong details imputed into by Adeleke. Why was funeral benefit in USA never paid to Omolola?  If this man, his wife and Iseoluwa are your friends, I urge you to be careful.

15.  Why was a credit claim filed? Why did Adeleke not use his own address to file the credit claim but used Ade Gbadegesin’s address in Atlanta? Why was $167,000+  demanded? Why did Adeleke NEVER made a direct demand for the money he claim Bola Omoteso owes him? What address was written for Bola Omoteso in Adeleke’s power of attorney to Ade Gbadegesin? When was the power of attorney done? Let me put this in perspective. In March 2016, Adeleke lied in an application in Lagos that Bola relocated to his house even though location of the expatriate assignment Bola would have been engaged in is Abuja. In the same application, he lied that Omolola LIVES in his house, this was to forestall Lagos State Judiciary from verification. In April 2016 Adeleke signed on oath in Lagos Nigeria a power of attorney that says Bola Omoteso was last domiciled in USA and used this to file a claim for 167,000$ though he alleged Bola owed him 80,000$ of which he said Bola paid nothing back. But in late January 2017, Adeleke filed a 250 page lawsuit to say Bola changed domicile and Nigerian Law should be used. In the same lawsuit he mentions clearly that Omolola resides in New Jersey. But in the lawsuit presently in Nigeria, he alleged that Omolola lives in Surulere! Is Omolola or Bola omniscient?

16. Why do you need an attorney to pursue a lawsuit if you are standing on truth? Why did Geoffrey Mueller state in his certification that PLAINTIFF filed the application in Nigeria? What does the NJ law say about filing a credit claim against an estate? I will tell you; you cannot bring a credit claim after 9 months. Bola died in February 2016, Adeleke filed lawsuit in late January 2017. The lawsuit was legally barred by the statutes of limitation. He hired an attorney to TWIST the law and spearhead miscarriage of justice. Why does the settlement have just the demands by Adeleke? Read it again. Why was Omolola not involved in the drafting? Why was Omolola prevented from signing? Was there really a settlement when there was no mediator? Was there really a trial? No. What Adeleke referred to as trial was pre-hearing and they got the judge to force me to settle. The transcript shows I was not allowed to state the terms, when asked I mentioned that the settlement was unfair. Why are there two handwritings on the order? When was the settlement and when was the order filed? In few USA cases, drafts done 72 hours after settlement were voidable because the facts of terms were deemed to have been distorted. The unconscionable settlement happened on September 22 2017. Adeleke and his client waited till October/November (about 6 weeks), when I was out of town to armtwist the corruptible judge. A settlement meeting is never done until terms are written. The real settlement document which highlights what he wanted, what he was granted and what remained mine which includes sole administratorship, DOES NOT EXIST. The Case Management Order makes it clear that settlement would be approved if all three instances occur a) draft document b) sign document c) before session ENDS. There was no drafting during or immediately after the session, there was no signing during or immediately after the session, the session ended without both. Throughout the settlement meeting, Adeleke argued for benefit for himself and siblings but at the end, his attorney corruptly said while he pretended to be mute, that other siblings are in default and so will get nothing. He schemed them out. Iseoluwa apologised to me for believing Adeleke Omoteso and his eldest sister when they told him I gave a verbal consent. After he did, I told him apology will not solve it. I told him that the curse of manipulating the truth will not leave his generation until he confess and withdraws the case. If I be a woman of God, the wrath of his action in all this will survive generations EXCEPT he confess. He has withdrawn as I heard, from the lawsuit in Nigeria. But he needs to CONFESS. He panicked when Adeleke discovered he had spoken to me. It shows that this man who had a heart for God has been manipulated by someone he believes is a friend.

17. Why was mortgage note due to him, if Bola Omoteso paid up whatever he claimed to have loaned to him? How come 22% would go to you ALONE when there are two other siblings? I clarified this in #16. How come he never mentioned or tried to make a case for Bola’s friend who has a genuine claim to a loan? Let me further clarify that the 50,000 was discussed and it was agreed that this amount would be paid to Adeleke, LESS any discovered payment. I have discovered many payments, Adeleke has impounded chattels worth 25,000$ and Adeleke had received Honda Pilot of 33,000$ in addition to 27,000$ confirms by him. Where is the document specifying that I was made sole administrator? Where is the document that bars Adeleke from using our USA address? A man who claims his brother changed domicile, continued to use our home address on his and his wife’s bank account! Where is the document specifying details of what the 50,000$ is about, it does not exist. Adeleke fought to be co-administrator but he was never granted. He manipulates the law to have Jenny Flom act as substitute for him! Greed is the only explanation for locking Omolola out to sell a 1.5M$ property, renovated by Omolola for three years for 800,000$ or less because you want to collect 50,000$! Greed that is satanically motivated.

18. Who appointed Jenny Flom? Adeleke’s lawyer NOT the court. The court gave two options, work with Jenny or comply with the order that stemmed from a manipulated settlement. Why was the “legal right” application filed when I was not in the country? Why was I not notified? Can a settlement  based on fraud that Bola Omoteso owes you or that he changed domicile or that Nigerian Law should be used because Omolola filed application in Nigeria stand the test of time? An email exist where Iseoluwa confessed that he was hired by Omoteso family, meaning who? In the email he confessed that he has no authority and was not acting for me or on my behalf. 

19. Why was Jenny Flom made a substitute? Can a substitute work substantively? What does the law say about administrators who are not wives? They are to post bond. How come Jenny did not post a bond? Only the heart of a scammer can explain scam.

20. What properties are to be sold? See the order he sent to you; was when mentioned? Does the Estate of Bola Omoteso owe Adeleke a kobo considering he has impounded what we took to Nigeria and never handed over Bola Omoteso’s inheritance which belongs to Omolola, to her. The inheritance in Nigeria is valued at about 150,000$. Why was the inheritance never mentioned or handed over? Is this not sufficient to cover any purported loan?

21. How come a 100-78% owner became a 0% stakeholder? The truth is that the realtor I hired to sell was a mole from Adeleke’s gang. During his engagement I had two episodes of inexplicable flooding. If court grants you order to sell a property, who gave you the keys? The mole while being signed to me handed over keys to our property to Adeleke’s gang. Jenny was to work for the Estate but being brought about by the Plainthief’a caprices, she did his/their bidding. How can you sell a property without the consent of a 78% owner?! How can you sell at any price without the consent of owner? How can you toss a property Bola Omoteso’s wife laboured and borrowed money to renovate at 50% less than going rate?! Esu ti p’ofo.

22. How come application for appeal in 2018 October has never received a response from the judge? Why has the court refused to investigate the bank certificate Iseoluwa and Adeleke obtained in Omolola’s name. Fraud remains a basis for upturning any case. I await the verdict of Olorun Esan.

23. I rien  in French. If Adeleke denies the unsolicited letter, what of the unsolicited closing document? I have been in USA off and on since 2005, I have NEVER received an unsolicited closing document. The truth is that, there is no smoke without fire. Adeleke’s con gang approached the court for an order to sell but a document I received shows insurance was already done on the property (attached) before then. I am yet to uncover the truth but this is what may have happened: Adeleke who had stolen the deed of all the properties from Bola Omoteso’s suitcase following his death (he mentioned this in his credit claim but deleted it in the 250 page lawsuit), took a loan to pay his attorneys, sold a 1.5M$ property to himself for about 800,000$ and was about to flip it when Omolola got wind of it by divine inspiration and took steps to stop him. When she did, his gang rushed in to do an emergency hearing to evict her with no notice to her. They lied that they wanted to sell the property (not that they have sold). A closing document proves otherwise. I reiterate, I have been in America for years, no one ever sent me an unsolicited closing document! He left out that he got an eviction order because he feels GUILTY. But there was no eviction, the locks were changed before Omolola returned from travel abroad, she was banished and not allowed to take a pin from her home. When she stood her ground, she was physically assaulted and almost confined on false medical diagnosis but God brought her out by HIS MIGHTY POWER. When I returned to the property, all had been moved out and suitcases I returned from my trip with and left at the door has been stolen. I gathered Jenny Flom working for Adeleke stole them. I had nothing to my name but with God, I am STANDING STRONG. 


In all this, the court has refused to investigate the certificate fraud which was initiated by Olubunmi illegally collecting my husband’s death certificate. I asked her when we met, “o lo gba death certificate oko oloko; se o n’practice ni.”

The court has corruptly lumped together my three roles -  spouse, pro se, administrator. Removing an administrator does not remove her right as wife just as I continue to act as counsel pro se for the Estate of Bola Omoteso. Jenny who should have protected the Estate, has not entered one appearance to save the property, instead she has been on a witch hunt. One prayer I have asked the said to pray, is that my God will show his ALMIGHTINESS to all who are part of this fraud. Eleda Bola Omoteso yi o fi agbara AJULO han won.

There are 20 human rights violations in this matter and the day the truth is acknowledged, all who were part of this impersonation, fraud and financial crime would be JAILED except the choose a less shameful option. 

Before then, let us remember that God rules in the affairs of men but we as humans must put our house in order and PRAY that God shows us our enemy so they do not hide under the facade of family or friend to do us harm.

I am Omolola, living spouse of Bola Omoteso.