Monday, April 10, 2017

Well's Fargo's Fraudulent Sale

Wells Fargo (WF) hurriedly sold our home when they knew the home had become part of an estate. They claimed my husband did not respond when they received documents including his death certificate to open an estate account! 

When they realised I cracked the connivance between them and the fraudulent builder and fraudulent broker, they lied to the court that the buyer did not pay then asked the judge to vacate the sale. The judge vacated the sale... I thought justice was served and the property will now be returned but WF removed me in copy and went behind me to stay the sale... 

They have three options, refund all my husband ever paid, return our home or write off all debts on remaining properties. WF can take advantage of my not having a lawyer now to redress the situation because when I do, they will pay more than just the job loss of the previous CEO! I warned him, but he minimised what my BIG GOD can do... I have written and written but WF keeps playing games... Just as I got your attention, I am committed to getting attention of activists and social influences so that not just me but all those who have suffered under WF's backtracking and fraudulent foreclosures can have redress. By the way, the man WF fraudulently auctioned his property was brother/friend to revered lawyer who is now a vice president! No this won't go away in a hurry!

Some out there will find this cause a worthy one to fight.

Make it soon... make it now!

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